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Willie Martinez New Auburn Defensive Coach?

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The media is reporting that Willie Martinez may be named Auburn’s newest assistant coach in a move that would reunite him with defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder while bringing the former Georgia assistant back to the SEC.   Martinez would be the third assistant hired with SEC experience this offseason.   The university has not formally Continue Story…

Is the Auburn-Georgia Rivalry History?

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Here’s a Monday quiz for you: Name me all the football teams in the Big East. How about the Big 12? Don’t feel bad; there are few among us who probably can these days. In less than a year, college football realignment has completely changed the look of the sport. Now it appears those changes Continue Story…

Funny Stuff…

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Stefon Diggs Announcement Thread

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Hey guys and Dolls, it’s about time for the Stefon Diggs announcement as to where he will attend school and play football. Diggs is rated a 5* recruit pretty much across the board of all recruiting ratings sites. He is projected by as the 2nd best WR in the country. All of your comments Continue Story…

Friday Ramblings

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Cam Newton & Michael Jordan via Where, oh where has my football season gone? I am no more than a casual observer of the professional game of football. Caring more for how many former Auburn players are on the roster of each NFL team, than anything else at that level.   Auburn Quarterbacks…. Did you Continue Story…

Who Will Pull the Trigger in 2012?

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Clint Moseley, Lavar Edwards

War Eagle, everybody! It’s time now to look forward at what sort of team Auburn might field this year. Today, we’ll look at the quarterback position. It’s the most important position on most football teams, and it’s also an area of great questions this spring. Auburn will need to be balanced, and it’s incumbent upon Continue Story…

Q&A about Ted Roof!

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Recently, I was asked by SBN-Pittsburg Editor Adam Bittner to participate in a question and answer session regarding new Penn State defensive coordinator Ted Roof. I tried to be fair and objective, and not go off on a trashing session. My answers have been posted in a good coaching profile piece on Roof over there. Hopefully I Continue Story…

VanGorder’s Presence Already Being Felt?

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philliplolleyblogjpg-095e0079170f43ca_large_huge (1)

Auburn announced Wednesday that Cornerbacks Coach Phillip Lolley will be moving back into the administrative side of the football program. Lolley has been with Auburn since 1999 and this is not the first time he has served in the athletic office. He was the Director of NFL Relations when new Head Coach Gene Chizik brought Continue Story…