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Friday Ramblings – A Look Ahead

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I am not in the prognostication business, and actually have been way off base more than I care to think about when it comes to making predictions. I still would rather look ahead with a positive mindset, than to think I have nothing to look forward to. Just how does all this drivel relate to Continue Story…

Shot in the Arm for the Auburn Defense?

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War Eagle, everybody. Had an interesting request this week, from the SBN Pittsburghsite wanting to know what to expect from Ted Roof. He’s planning on doing a Q & A post on the Penn State SBN site, and I’ll link to that when it shows up. In the meantime, I had to look back and review Continue Story…

The Future of Running Back at Running Back U

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There are changes coming to Auburn’s offense for 2012. With the hiring of a new offensive coordinator, the Tigers will likely take on a new look. And for the fifth consecutive year Auburn will have a Quarterback race in the spring. Questions abound on whether Clint Mosley can hold on to the position or whether Kiehl Frazier will finally Continue Story…

Is Chizik Looking For Offensive Coordinator to Run Traditional Style Offense?

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Is the hurry up offense a thing of the past at Auburn? Recent developments sure look that way. First on Monday, four star WR recruit Jaquay Williams said Gene Chizik told himthe offense for next year will have, “Four receivers. Three receivers (but) It’ll be more a little pro style.” Now news came today, and was reported Continue Story…

Recruiting By The Rules….

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  Once again we are inching closer to the day where prospective student athletes get to commit to the school of their choice. We call it National Signing Day (NSD). There are numerous rules and regulations that each school must go by, therefore giving the appearance of an even playing field. Understanding all of these Continue Story…

New Year’s Resolution Wishes for College Football

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How are you doing on those new year’s resolutions you made? If you’re smart, you don’t announce any of them on Facebook or other social media. It makes failure a little bit more palatable. Now that we’re in the first full week with no college football it seems as good a time as any to Continue Story…

Auburn Falls to LSU in Overtime

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For the second consecutive game the Auburn men’s basketball team finished an SEC contest in overtime. The Tigers defeated Ole Miss last Saturday in double OT 69 – 38. But this time the OT period didn’t end in favor of the Orange and Blue as LSU downed Auburn 65-58. Varez Ward hit a dramatic 3-pointer with Continue Story…

Auburn at a Crossroads

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When you think about Auburn’s football history over the past half century, one word comes to mind – fortunate. There are inherent advantages to being the “state university,” whether you are talking academics or football. When your state school goes on a run, you better have an answer. If you don’t, then you become Miss Continue Story…