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Saban-Brown Re-Match?

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For those who thought last season’s national championship game between Alabama and Texas was a chess match between Nick Saban and Mack Brown, it turns out that it was actually a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos and Jenga.  Nah, Nick and Mack were reunited recently to film one of those funny ESPN commercials. I’ll let you fill in your Continue Story…

Breaking: Big Televen Invitations Out? Four Teams Plus a Team to be Named Later?

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Kevin over at Fanblogs is reporting, but *Ain’t* exactly believing a radio station out of Kansas City’s story that oral invitations to join the conference formerly known as the Big Ten have been extended ahead of formal ones to–drum roll, please:Nebraska, Missouri, Rutgers and Notre Dame. If you are underwhelmed like me, then remain standing and I’ll Continue Story…


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By Kevin Ives     I know the focus for Auburn this year has been getting back to Hoover. Just returning to the SEC Championship would be a major step forward in the right direction for the Tigers. However, over the past few weeks, coupled with wins over Arkansas and Kentucky, a different prize has Continue Story…

Auburn Football Post-spring

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War Eagle, everybody! Now that spring drills have wrapped up across the country, it’s time to look to the fall. Today, we’ll examine how the Auburn Tigers will look in 2010. This is an Auburn team with a lot of experience in the starting lineup, and expectations will be high. At least 13 seniors will Continue Story…

NCAA Rule Change A Badge of Honor For Auburn Coaches

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Most Auburn fans were angry when they got the word Friday that the NCAA was stepping in to put a stop to Tiger Prowl. Don’t be mad. Take it as a compliment. Auburn coaches got creative and did some outside the box thinking. That irritates the suits in Indianapolis more than rolling Toomer’s Corner on Continue Story…

Short Weeks or Short on Excuses?

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“The thing I’m concerned about is playing Auburn on a short week. Sometimes a bye is an advantage and sometimes it’s not. It’s not going to be an excuse for us.” It’s now a well-known fact that some quirky shuffling from the SEC offices has left the Alabama Crimson Tide a scheduling SNAFU for this coming season as Continue Story…