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Can We Win The SEC Basketball Tournament ?

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Auburn Basketball

Tay Waller scored 29 points and made seven 3-pointers in Auburn’s win over SEC West Division leader Arkansas on February 20th in Auburn.   Some folks have all but given up on Jeff Lebo’s Tigers this year.  But the coach and the team have not given up. They have  scratched and fought all year .  In true Continue Story…

A Cold Winter’s Look At Next Season

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Around this time each year it hits you – college football season is a long ways off.  Sure there’s the diversion of spring practice and the annual release of all the preseason publications that never seem to get it right. Mix in a few trips to the beach and more than a few Saturdays of Continue Story…

The Decade in Review

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War Eagle, everybody! It’s time now for a look back at the past decade and a review of what the Auburn Tiger football team has accomplished in the SEC in the past ten years. I’ll start with a brief side note: Yes, I know that technically “the decade” isn’t over till the end of 2010. Continue Story…

Auburn Football vs. the SEC

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War Eagle, everybody! Last week, we looked back at the past decade for the Southeastern Conference. Admittedly, it was an Auburn-slanted view. This series of posts will look at how Auburn did against each of the SEC teams, head to head. While the past couple of years has left a lot to be desired performance-wise, Continue Story…

NCAA Rule Change Proposals: Real and Imagined

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The NCAA football playing rules committee has announced some proposed rule changes, which must now be approved by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel. If you think that sounds an awful like trying to get health care pushed through both houses of Congress, well maybe that’s overstating it just a bit, because this isn’t double-secret legislation. The biggest change comes Continue Story…

For Alabamians, Saban More Popular Than God on Facebook. Apostles and Republicans Demand Recount.

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From the news of the weird today, I heard this one on the radio and had to look it up later just to make sure they were yanking our chain. According to a site which tracks such things, it appears that Alabama coach Nick Saban has more fans from the state of Alabama on the social networking site Facebook than even Continue Story…

Can Auburn Be Competitive In Basketball Long-Term?

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A few weeks back following Auburn’s basketball win over Alabama, a friend of mine, who happens to be an Alabama graduate, was walking back to my car with me when we got into a discussion about the state of college basketball at both schools. I wondered aloud why both universities have never been able to Continue Story…

Big Ten To Dig Deep in the Heart of Texas?

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With all the recent talk of conference changes, we had almost forgotten the original impetus for it, the Big Ten. As rumors of the Pac 10 poaching Colorado from the Big 12 have fallen this week, it seems that Missouri might not be the only target of a possible Big Ten expansion. Seems that “preliminary exchanges” between the Continue Story…