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Bo Jackson Talks About Induction Into Auburn’s Wall of Fame

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Bo Jackson is inducted into Auburn baseball’s Wall of Fame

The ” BIG HURT ” Is Back In Town

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frank-thomas (1)

Former Auburn All American 1st baseman and Major League great Frank Thomas returned to Auburn’s Plainsman park February 27.   Nineteen ninety three was the last time that Auburn’s Frank Thomas was in Auburn. Today he will be at the special ceremonies in Auburn to honor the  inaugural class of Auburn Baseball’s Wall Of Fame. He Continue Story…

Rollison’s Departure A Cautionary Tale

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“He’s a great kid and very humble. Loves to win. Tremendous competitor. At the same time, it’s about his teammates. He could care less about how many passes he completes as long as they’re being successful. He does a great job on the field of leading his teammates with his will to win. He’s not Continue Story…

Auburn vs. the SEC, part II

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War Eagle, everybody! Today, we’ll continue our look back at what the Auburn Tiger football team accomplished in the past decade. The subject of this post will be the bulk of Auburn’s Western Division opponents: Arkansas, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss. Next week will feature Auburn vs. BCS title winners in the SEC.        Continue Story…

Tyrik Rollison to Transfer

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New reports are coming out that Auburn redshirt QB Tyrik Rollison will transfer to Sam Houston State, according to his father. Also, Rollison alledgedly posted on his Facebook status: “MOVING ON FROM AUBURN…I APPRECIATE EVERYONE WHO IS SUPPORTING ME.” Rollison was suspended from the team this past December for unspecified rules violations, which in turn Continue Story…

The Top 25 Teams of the Decade

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I mentioned recently in my thoroughly and blatantly unbiased comparison of Auburn and Alabama in the 2000s that one of the great things about the statistical site CFB Data Warehouse is the rankings index they have that attempts to objectively compare all of the teams in the sport either all-time, in a quarter century, or in a Continue Story…

A Look Back At The Orange Tigers

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  At least once a year there is discussion here at Track’em Tigers about whether Auburn should deviate from their traditional blue and white jerseys and perhaps try something a little different. With Oregon wearing new look uniforms almost weekly and Florida State resembling lizards more than Seminoles with the way they change their colors, some fans Continue Story…

The Team Not Taken

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Questioning another fan’s loyalty is a sticky sort, so it got me wondering about other Auburn fans. Have they always been Auburn fans, or had they considered the alternative at some point? I’m not from the state of Alabama, so I never really had to make the choice like most did–to which team to be devoted . Luckily Continue Story…