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CSI Auburn: Examining the Evidence

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After the whole Auburn canoe was capsized last week from the big hippo in the water that is our administration, it’s been a pretty severe five days hence. To the shock and utter dismay of most in the Auburn nation, our world was turned upside down suddenly and abruptly, and what is now readily apparent is Continue Story…

Sign Up Here For Bowl Season Pick Em!

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I really don’t know why they don’t include the bowl season in the regular pick em–probably so they can have a Final Jeopardy crazy-like finale with the post season. Regardless, if you want to participate, go to Yahoo and sign up. You will need a yahoo email address, but you can have notifications sent to your regular one if Continue Story…

Official Bowl Slate

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BCS Bowls: BCS NCG: Alabama and Texas Rose: Oregon and Ohio State Sugar: Florida and Cincinnati Orange: Georgia Tech and Iowa Fiesta: TCU and Boise State   Non-BCS Bowls: Cotton: Ole Miss and Oklahoma State Capital One: LSU and Penn State Gator: FSU and West Virginia Outback: Auburn and Northwestern Liberty: Arkansas and East Carolina Continue Story…

The Auburn All-Tuberville Team

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Today, we take a break from our coaching troubles, to look back and reflect on the fine players that Tommy Tuberville coached in his ten years at Auburn. As I looked back, there were a LOT of great young men who sweated, toiled, and worked, to give us 85 wins in ten years. I HOPE Continue Story…

In A Surprise, Auburn To Face Northwestern

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There’s a first for everything. Earlier today, I decided to sit down and write this week’s story. I talked about Auburn facing Wisconsin for the second time in seven seasons and discussed its star running back, John Clay. I even broke down Wisconsin’s conference wins and losses. As I finished the story, I logged on Continue Story…

Coaching Rumors Report and Clearinghouse

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What are the golf courses like down at Auburn? Lots of stuff going on and moving fast on coaching hirings today. I’ll try to give you a quick rundown of what I’m hearing. Nothing concrete yet, but I’ll update this thread as I get more information. I’m doing this on the fly, so I’ll provide links when Continue Story…

Saturday Savants

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Teak and JB discuss the disappointing loss to the Bammers.  They break down the good and bad in the loss and look to the future of the program.  They discuss the surprising inclusion of Auburn in the Outback Bowl vs an as yet unnamed Big Ten opponent. The guys then pick this weeks games: SEC Continue Story…

Auburn Takes Hit On Big Cat Weekend

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Apparently last May’s Big Cat Weekend was a bigger violation than originally thought. Auburn officials revealed last night that working alongside the SEC office, the school self-imposed recruiting restrictions on its coaches for much of the fall as a result of a secondary NCAA violation. Auburn was required to halt contact with at least six Continue Story…