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The Gator Chomp!

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War Eagle, everybody! Time now for the last recap in the series of Tommy Tuberville’s greatest games! The 2007 game against Florida in Gainsville would be the last time a Tommy Tuberville-coached team would defeat a top-ten team. The victory over the Gators would mark the 14th win for the Auburn Tigers, in the last 19 Continue Story…

Tiger Prowl 2009 – Auburn Coaches Visit Phenix City

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Top 10 Replacements for Kenny Stabler in the Bama Booth

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Okay, I know you thought it was going to be my list, and I was going to do one, but I got scooped by the guys over at Crimson Confidential. And since they stole most of my thunder, including the part about Jay Barker and somehow working Sara Evans in there, I’ll let you just read Continue Story…

A Second Chance To Get It Right

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Good Monday morning to you.  After a weekend of fishing for speckled trout and enjoying the sun in the Florida Gulf, the realities of Monday morning are hitting home fast. I hope you are muddling through successfully. Over the weekend, there was a story that flew somewhat under the sports radar nationally. It’s one of Continue Story…

1st and Five: Things That Should Make a Comeback in College Football

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The old spread. Not the same as the new spread…     Three weeks ago, we had a thread about what we wished would disappear in CFB, which is easy, because everyone always has a complaint list that’s three miles long. But now you’re going to have to accentuate the positive and come up with 5 things that have Continue Story…

Bama Fans Believe Their Job Is A Top Five One – LOL

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  Good Monday morning to all of you. It seems that my post on Friday about the top five college coaching jobs in America got the Bama Nation riled up. Some little twit who couldn’t find Tuscaloosa with a road map, a GPS and Magellan in the passenger seat attacked me personally in a fanpost at Roll Bama Continue Story…

Campbell and Brown at the Center of Trade Talks as NFL Draft Nears

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 Will Campbell still be in a Redskins uniform Saturday night?   When the NFL draft cranks up Saturday afternoon, this past season’s Auburn seniors are not expected to get a lot of play. But the same cannot be said of some current Tiger NFL players. At least two big name former Auburn players are at Continue Story…

Finally! Something Auburn and Alabama Fans Can Agree On

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That these are totally ridiculous!!