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Can Auburn Upset the Tide?

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War Eagle, everybody! It’s Iron Bowl Week! Are you fired up yet? It’s certainly my favorite time of year! This year, Auburn comes in in a bit of an unaccustomed position, that of the underdog. Looking back at history, Auburn has won the Iron Bowl only twice, ever, when coming in with a losing record. Continue Story…

The Truth Behind Alabama’s 12 Claimed National Championships

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(Editor’s note: This column was published last year, late into Iron Bowl week, but is coming back for it’s sophmore year because it has a FULL three years of eligibility remaining!) As Auburn fans, you’ve had an Alabama fan throw in your face the claim of them having 12 national championships more times than you care Continue Story…

Iron Bowl All Week at Track ‘Em Tigers

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Dibs on the Iron Bowl logo this week!   It’s that time of year again, when the state chooses sides, and armed camps assail each other with taunts and threats, all looking forward to Saturday to see which sides’ way of life is confirmed to be superior for the next 365 days. We plan to Continue Story…

Tuberville Reflects on Season and Upcoming Iron Bowl

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 Auburn takes the weekend off before returning Sunday. War Eagle and Happy Friday to you! I don’t know about you, but I hate this off week between Georgia and the Iron Bowl. I can remember as a kid being in absolute agony waiting out the days to kick off with Alabama.  What the hell was Continue Story…

A Picture Is Worth A 1,000 Words…

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Auburn vs. Mercer on LIVE Now

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If you want to catch the Auburn-Mercer basketball game, it’s available free on Channel  I just came across it a few minutes ago.  It’s not bad video for free… Click here to watch…

Rumors, Innuendo, and Other Off-Week Highlights

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Silly me. At the beginning of the season, I had transcribed our schedule onto my calendar at work–incorrectly, as it turns out. I had the Iron Bowl immediately following the Georgia game, you know, where it belongs, so I went through most of last week thinking that we had a one-week turnaround. Since we had that fun Continue Story…

Let The Talk Begin… Countdown to Seven

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 Tuberville finally showed a little fire in the belly on Saturday. Can we possibly be getting ready for the Iron Bowl again? Even in a year that sometimes feels like it doesn’t move fast enough, it’s hard to really believe that another season is almost in the books. Auburn returns to practice today in preparation Continue Story…