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The Iron Bowl Debacle

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War Eagle, everybody. My apologies for the late grades. After what I witnessed in the Iron Bowl, I did what I had to do, to take my mind off it, Saturday night. There are certainly better things to think about, such as the beach. I wish I were in the sun, at the beach, right Continue Story…

The Time Has Come Again…

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War Eagle, everybody! It’s Iron Bowl time, at last! Today, the fired up Tigers can claim an unprecedented seventh victory in a row, over the hated Alabama Crimson Tide!  We’ll be here all day, with observations on the biggest game of the year!       War Eagle! Beat Bama!

UAT Fans Remain Bitter And Delusional After Nearly A Decade Of Beatdowns

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  Last night, for the first time all week, I paid a visit to Roll Bama Quite frankly, I rarely visit the site because I really don’t care what they write about or what their fans think. With that said, I’m sure glad I dropped in. If you haven’t already, do take time today to Continue Story…

Iron Bowl Preview

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War Eagle, everybody! It’s time now for the Acid Reign Iron Bowl preview! We’ve had two LONG weeks of Iron Bowl buildup, controversy, trash talking, and reminiscing about the great ones of years past. When the game kicks off, however, none of that will matter. History is just that. Streaks, records, none of it will Continue Story…

How Confident is the Auburn Nation?

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 I’m confident that we can compete, if we keep it a low-scoring affair. If Bama gets 20, probably not. I’m particularly worried about Auburn’s ability to stop the run. WVA, Ole Miss, and UGA all gashed us horribly. Against Bama’s O-line, I’m not confident.        On offense, we’ve SOMEHOW come up with good drives Continue Story…

What It Means to be Part of This Rivalry

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Tweet! Flag on the play. Repeated use of the Iron Bowl logo. 5 yard penalty, repeat the thread…   Hope everybody had a good turkey day. I’m back once again with one last chance to wax poetic before the big game, then it’s time to snap on the chin strap and get it on. We’ve had Continue Story…

It’s Time To Count Our Blessings

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 There are at least six things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Count me among those who enjoyed playing the Iron Bowl the week following the Georgia game. It’s hard to get excited about Thanksgiving when the biggest day of the year follows only 48 hours later. Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite Continue Story…

Walked Right Into Their Thread and Bitch-Slapped All of Them

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Our big sisters over at Roll Bama Roll (they must be, since they always call us Little Brother) decided they couldn’t cause enough havoc over here, so they decided to have a little Fanpost called THIS IS WAR!! They were in there poking fun at our man Gumptown Tiger (clap, clap) for criticizing them for all that non-football crap Continue Story…