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Is Tommy Tuberville’s Job On The Line?

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  These are weird times on the Plains. Can all the talk be true? Is Tommy Tuberville really playing the rest of this season to save his job? That was the question posed to Tuberville by a reporter following Saturday’s loss to Arkansas. It’s a question that continues to be asked today on radio shows and Continue Story…

The Auburn Offense CAN Fly Again!

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Auburn_can_fly__again_medium (3)

 In the wake of a 2-3 Southeastern Conference start, and a near-total failure of the Auburn offense, many have called for sweeping changes in the Auburn program, and wholesale dismissals. Some folks believe that we should start a true freshman quarterback, others believe that a return to the power I is the way, despite a Continue Story…

Tommy Bowden Out at Clemson

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Why yes, the sky did fall. Why?   It is confirmed that coach Tommy Bowden is out at Clemson, as was broken by some of our readers. Don’t you guys go eat lunch or something? Bowden had this to say: “Terry Don Phillips approached me this morning and we agreed that this is the best Continue Story…

Another One Slips Away.

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…..War Eagle, everybody. Time now for the Acid Reign report on the Arkansas game. My apologies for the lateness of this post. I attended the game, and was very late getting home. As with previous losses this year, Auburn failed to get the job done in many phases of the game, and fell short, 25-22 Continue Story…

Be Careful What You Wish For, Tiger Fans

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Let’s take the Lear Jet home, Casey. This week has been two wishes come true for a good number of Auburn fans, Tony Franklin and the spread he rode in on got run out of town mid-week and Kodi Burns got the start on Saturday to work his miracles on turf. The lingering effects of the former will Continue Story…

A Little Game Day Reading

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Lord Lowder? Before I make the trek down I-85 for today’s game, I thought I might throw up a link to a column that appeared on the Florida Gator blog Orange and Blue Hue this week about the sorry state of Auburn’s football program and it’s continual struggle to free itself from the grasp of Bobby Lowder. It’s Continue Story…

Don’t Panic!!

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Everything’s gonna be alright… The boon and bane of the internet is that you can have access to information that you might not have otherwise,  BUT you get bombarded ad nauseum with everybody’s brother’s angle on a given subject, which can quickly lead to apathy and indifference. We’ve certainly heard every opinion proffered thus far on the limited information Continue Story…

Backs Against the Wall

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 Auburn fans are circling the wagons today in support of Tuberville.  By War Damn Zack Yesterday I wrote, “Open It Up,” Today it is “Backs Against the Wall.”  As Auburn people we know that Tuberville is not a hypocrite.  He would not tell the media one day, “We are committed to the spread.”  And fire Continue Story…