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One Crazy Week Deserves Another

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  TD, R.D.!!!   Anyone else getting that deja-vu feeling all over again with so many top teams going down this past weekend? Is it 2007 again?  #1, #3, and #4 all fall–two of them to major underdogs. Nor does any team know how to cover a spread anymore. (Especially us) If that’s the way it’s Continue Story…

Blue Monday

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…..War Eagle, everybody! Despite a good victory over the Tennessee Volunteers last Saturday, “dismay” seems to be the watchword of the Auburn faithful. Cries for the head of offensive coordinator Tony Franklin have been loud and numerous. This is probably as dejected an Auburn fan base as I have ever seen, after a win and Continue Story…

Nothing Sucks Like The Big Orange… Open Thread Edition

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Welcome to Game Day.  Auburn welcomes the Tennessee Volunteers to Pat Dye Field at Jordan-Hare Stadium this afternoon at 2:30 p.m. CT. This is a huge game for both teams as both try to right their ships after losses last week. We’ll have the open thread up all day and into the night. Acid Reign will be Continue Story…

A Squeezed Out Orange Victory!

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…..Despite another week of offensive inconsistency, the Auburn Tigers pulled out a desperate 14-12 win over a determined Tennessee football team! In a game where BOTH offenses barely managed 400 yards, combined, Auburn failed to break. The Vols had NUMEROUS chances on Auburn’s side of the field, but could not finish the Tigers off. The Continue Story…

Auburn Ranks Fourth In Recruiting Rankings

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Could this be Phil Fulmer’s last visit to Auburn? You can probably tell from the stories run on Track’em Tigers that I’m not a person that puts a whole lot of stock in recruiting rankings.  Count me among those who don’t believe you can compare a tight-end in Georgia with another one in Oregon and then rank Continue Story…

Auburn Could Have Used This Guy Saturday Night

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And Speaking of Tennessee…

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PhilFulmer_1__medium (1)

From the home office in Atlanta, GA, today’s Top 10 reasons why Phil Fulmer Won’t Be Fired This Year: 10)  Vol Navy has him blockaded inside Neyland… 9)  David Cutcliffe not quite yet disillusioned at Duke… 8)  Still needs 30 more wins and a World War to get name hyphenated onto stadium… 7)  New chairman Continue Story…

Here and There in College Football This Week

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Then depression set in on the ride home from Auburn late Saturday night, then continued  like a hangover into Sunday. Reading the blogs after a loss is usually no fun, but the purple Tiger fans I know have been very gentlemanly, and the criticism on the homer sites has been pretty mild and generally constructive. We’ve Continue Story…