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Short(shorts) Stories

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Greetings my fellow Auburn brethren! Our Tigers’ opening game against Clemson in the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Classic is close enough that I can taste chicken just thinking about it. This young and talented Auburn team is going to need to put forth a total team effort to start their 2012 campaign off on a winning path.I Continue Story…

It’s Football Time Again!

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By Acid Reign on August 30, 2012​ Paraswarm@aol.comAuburn has not lost in the Georgia Dome since December of 2001!     War Eagle, everybody! Here we are, on the day of the first college football games of the season! Time seemed to stand still this summer, and we thought this day would never arrive. We’ll watch South Continue Story…

Auburnitis… There Is No Known Cure

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Even though none of us are new to TET, given the new
platform, I felt it would be appropriate to hear from everyone how you first
contracted the incurable disease called “Auburnitis”  While the disease has no cure the symptoms
are unmistakable.

In the early stages you feel the irresistible urge to buy
things Orange and Blue and develop a distaste for anything Crimson and

Later symptoms include the following:

You teach your children or pet in my case to say War Eagle.

You get goosebumps whenever you hear the fight song.

You get misty eyed while talking about AU tradition.

Advance case symptoms include drastic changes in mood swings
based on the outcome of games sometimes resulting in anger management issues
regarding West Alabama.

It is no secret how I contracted the disease (it was
transmitted at birth) so I will share the time my wonderful wife was first
infected.  By the way, she grew up a

On a beautiful fall day early in our marriage I took her to
her first AU football game in Jordon Hare. Upon seeing Toomers Corner and the
throngs of people she became slightly flushed. I could tell her fever had risen
above 98.6. When we got within shouting distance of Jordon Hare her walking
pace quickened and upon hearing the band warming up she made me quicken my pace
to get around the stadium to watch.  Temp
now at least 100. While there we heard sirens in the distance and she wanted to
know what was up. I told her it was probably the referees being escorted to the
stadium but she wanted to see.  When we
arrived at the gate where the police motorcade stopped, we watched a white van
back into the stadium portal and unload our beloved Eagle. Temp now at least
102. After entering the stadium she sat rather quietly and wide eyed at the
spectacle for some time. When the Eagle was released and landed on the 50 yard
line the infection was complete. Temp now 104. For the next few hours I was
pummeled by her every time anything good happened.

She now is a bigger fan than I and I am very happy about the

So, how did you fist get infected.  Please share the story.

The First Day of College Football Should be a National Holiday

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​By AubTigerman / on August 29, 2012​​After months of a long off season that seemed to drag on forever, college football is finally here! There is nothing else like it. For me and millions of others – it’s the most wonderful time of the year. In fact, if it was up to me, the first Continue Story…

Season Opening Week Grab-Bag

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By War Eagle Atlanta /​ on August 28, 2012I don’t know about you, but Auburn’s long awaited meeting in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff game with Clemson seems very anti-climactic. First, I’m none too pleased to share the Chicken spotlight with​ North Carolina State and Tennessee actually opening up the weekend in Atlanta Friday night. We finally Continue Story…

Annual TET Yahoo! Pick Em Contest

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Character Issues Are Part of the Game

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​By Jay Coulter ( on August 27, 2012Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky’s scathing article on Auburn football yesterday is getting a lot of attention as Gene Chizik prepares for his fourth season on the Plains.Scarbinsky brings into question the rash of off-field incidents that have plagued Auburn over the last year or so. With the Continue Story…

Saturday Football Television Schedule

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By Jay Coulter ( on August 26, 2012​​Set the alarm clock early on Saturday morning. Pour a little something extra in that coffee. College football is coming on television early thanks to Notre Dame.​ I’ve been waiting more than nine months to say these words… I now give you Saturday’s college football television schedule: Navy Continue Story…