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TET Pick Em Results Week Five

By Posted on: September 30th, 2013 in Featured Article, Football 2 Comments »

Eighteen games were on the schedule for us last weekend and a funny thing happened at the finish: two games were pushes. What that means is if the spread is hit on exactly, the game is a ‘push’, meaning no one got it correct. In other words, there is a fence and  the spread is Continue Story…

Fear and (of) Losing in Baton Rouge

By Posted on: September 24th, 2013 in Featured Article, Football 17 Comments »
lsu game

One of the hardest things about contributing to TET is wondering if my sentiments echo those of our readers. Other than the odd fan email or cyber stalker, it can be tough to determine. Only a small percentage of you actually comment and rarely does anyone go too far out on a limb or in-depth. Continue Story…

TET Pick Em Results Week Four (with poll)

By Posted on: September 23rd, 2013 in Featured Article, Football 2 Comments »

A quick question for you: We used to have a reader do a prediction thread under the old SB site and we had a blast with it over the years. We also had the editors do their SEC picks each week in a separate thread. I was just missing those last week wondering what happened. With Continue Story…

No Rest For the Weary

By Posted on: September 17th, 2013 in Featured Article, Football 12 Comments »

As fresh as our first conference win in nearly two years felt Saturday night and exciting as was a late 4th quarter comeback reminiscent of the great Auburn teams of yore, one can never rest for long in the SEC. You simply wade from one welter weight bout one week into a heavyweight contest the next. Continue Story…

TET Pick Em Week Three Results

By Posted on: September 17th, 2013 in Featured Article, Football Comments Off

If you thought your week three picks sucked, fuhgetaboutit. Everyone’s did. We only had 19 games to pick and the winner, Tankster, along with a slew of others, only had 12 of them right. More games on tap for this week, 22, but they get more challenging as conference play gets into full swing. With Continue Story…

Tuesday Grumblings

By Posted on: September 10th, 2013 in Featured Article, Football 19 Comments »

“Thank God for the Mississippis” has been uttered by more than one SEC fan through the years. It’s a popular sentiment during the rebuilding seasons. Unfortunately, Auburn now has the rare position of not being able to look past either Magnolia state team the way we always have in the past. Whoever begun the trend Continue Story…

Track Em Tigers Week Two Results

By Posted on: September 9th, 2013 in Featured Article, Football 6 Comments »

Hey, don’t let the “Week Two” above scare you off. There’s still time to get in on our annual pick em contest sponsored by Yahoo. Since we throw out your worst two weeks of scores, you could still get in and be competitive with everyone else. Granted, you’re working with no safety net, but it’s Continue Story…

College Football Opening Weekend Chock-Full. For Now

By Posted on: September 3rd, 2013 in Football 10 Comments »
083113+Auburn+WSU+(11) - Cory Grant

Auburn football isn’t the only thing back after a long layoff. Yours truly is home again after what seems like a NCAA investigation length long duration. Hopefully I’ll be able to last longer than Al Borges’ paycheck. I’m as amped up get going as Tigers Unlimited is to sell the remaining season tickets. While there’s no truth Continue Story…