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Born-again Auburn man in 1967. Married into a wonderful Auburn family whose patriarch is AU class of 1941. Our collective roots run as deep as the Oaks.

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There’s Sun Breaking Through Those Clouds

By Posted on: October 18th, 2013 in Member Post 6 Comments »

As each day passes, we are nearing the brightest day in recent history. Supporters will smile, detractors will start to become invisible, and those who should be neutral because of their media positions will try to catch the Gus Bus. A message to them…sorry, we’re full, loaded with those who were aboard from day 1. Continue Story…

Another Karma plane lands in T-Town

By Posted on: October 2nd, 2013 in Member Post 18 Comments »

HaHa    Clinton-Dix is suspended indefinitely and speculation from some with no ax to grind is it’s more AgentGate and more current players are to follow.

Karma plane lands in T-Town.

By Posted on: September 11th, 2013 in Member Post 5 Comments »

Karma ? Irony ? Justice?Probably none of the above since Emmert and Crawford are alive and serve in NCAA positions of power where sanctions are concerned. Yahoo Sports has documented, hard evidence that D.J. Fluker from Alabama, 2 former Mississippi State players, and 1 former and 1 current Tennessee player received extra benefits. The KNOWN Continue Story…

From the Orange and Blue Goggle wearer…

By Posted on: August 15th, 2013 in Member Post 6 Comments »

I’m firmly convinced the Tiger Shock and AU will commence in about 16 days. Many of our problems in 2012 had nothing to do with lack of talent. The problems we had are very fixable and from what I hear, read and see they are or will be fixed. Brothers and Sisters of the Auburn Continue Story…

Tears a’flowin from Arkansas to Tusk-a-loose-a

By Posted on: July 17th, 2013 in Member Post 2 Comments »

Mr. and Mrs. Sabaneilema need to plan a pity party. If you believe their objection to the HUNH offense is player safety, stand on your head, gargle peanut butter and whistle “Wooly Bully”. I bet they scream for hard hits and push players close to exhaustion in practice and plan blitzes for their defense without regard Continue Story…

Easy Target(s) ?

By Posted on: April 6th, 2013 in Member Post 1 Comment »

Our football program, our Oak Trees, our Tiger Hostesses, our basketball program, our former head coach’s pants…You name it, it’s been targeted, slammed, drug through the mud, ridiculed, slandered, and smeared. It usually starts with one entity writing or speaking about one of the aforementioned and gets piled on by self- proclaimed writers, journalists, or Continue Story…

The Most Powerful University in Alabama (and maybe the world)

By Posted on: March 24th, 2013 in Member Post 4 Comments »

Auburn University is located in East Alabama and shares the state with the University of Alabama. It’s well documented that the Crimson Tide is the greatest athletic entity in the entire known universe with a Superhero football coach who never wastes time walking on water since he can fly. Followers, fans, and alumni will also admit, under extreme duress, that Bama also has an education system and will then claim it’s also the greatest. Howthen could anyone in his or her right mind proclaim Auburn as most powerfulyou might  (and will  ask) ?  Let me enlighten you. First, the State of Alabama and the other States to which Bama folks have migrated have roughly a 1,236 to 1 advantage in numbers over Auburn. The U of A has a much larger name recognition all over the world and parts of West Virginia. Transients, aliens(terrestrial and otherwise ), and migrants to the State of Alabama are immediatelysurrounded by Bama fans and forced to choose an allegiance to one school or the other. The combination of threats of bodily harm and the aforementioned large Bama name  recognition naturally tends to make the decision quite easy. Next, there are forces constantly at work promoting UA while denigrating all things Auburn. The Machine at UA controls not only the campus but to a large degree, State politics and politics affect Auburn both directly and indirectly; favorably and adversely. Manywill deny the existence of The Machine which operates like a CIA fraternity but I’ve seenand heard admissions of its existence by state politicians,students who participate, andUA students outside the clandestine organization who dare to run for SGA offices. There have been documented cross burnings, slight physical attacks and vociferous verbal assaults. The most powerful force at work for UA and against AU is the state’s media. Sound paranoid ? Maybe, but here are some facts. Two Birmingham based talk radio shows that arethe largest in coverage in the state withone of those formerly and soon to beagain nation-wide via satellite, are staffed by UA grads and converts with a token AU person or two toportray balance. One need only to listen to the vast majority of callerparticipants to understand the agenda and direction of the shows. One also can’t begrudge radio for vying  for the highest possible Arbitron and other ratings but that seems secondary to the true agenda of the empirebirthed and nurtured by the late Bert Bank “best known as thefounder ofthe Alabama Football Radio Network”per Wikipedia. Many in local radio don’t even know how the wheels of Bama media domination were begun. Here I will speculate that Mr. Bank or one his minions was responsible for bringing Paul Finebaum to Birmingham from the obscurity of Shreveport, Louisiana to become the Minister of Propaganda for The U of A.  I personally witnessed Paul being escorted into a custom tailor shop by two welldressed gentlemen and I’m sure the now defunct Birmingham Post Herald provided that service for all their new employees. It at least got Finebaum outof those polyester leisure sits. Now Paul and his sycophants will argue that he will quickly speak ill of Bama and I agree but only when it’s the party line and carries the blessing of people named Bryant, Bromberg, Drummond, and other prominent members ofthe Crimson Society. The difference in talk show people “joking” about Auburn and“joking” about Bama is like hitting someone on the head with an iron pipe or a feather.Auburn gets the pipe in case you missed my symbolism.  Now let’s not forget the pen that’s mightier than the sword, eagle, or tiger. A Phoenixis rising from the rotting carcasses of the state’s Big Three Newspapers and that bird Media Group/Advance Publications, Inc. The Alabama Mediagroup is the Mother of all print and electronic media in this state and the MotherSuperior is Ms. Cindy Martin, President/CEO and graduate of, uh, oh yeah,The University of Alabama.  There’s no inference here and I understand she is a hardworking and resourceful ladywho more or less brought the electronic media to life to supplant the dying print version while presiding overboth. What I know  for sure is I contacted her about the BirminghamNews’ heavy imbalance in choosing which reader responses and “soundoffs” to publish, predominantly anti Auburn diatribes, even though Alabama was enjoying unprecedented football success and nothing was chosen about that. She passed that off to Mr. KevinWendt thecontent editor who informed me he would address that with the select group who decides which comments topublish. I got immediate results. It got worse. In the for-what’ its-worth vein, my bill for Birmingham News’ 3 day a week plan was the same as I was charged for 7 days but I get access to the eversion that I already had. Whoopee! With all that being said, it looks like I’m losing the battle to myself as to the power and dominance of one school over the other but here’s the skinny. In football, head-to-head with Bama, Auburn trails 42-34-1…8 games down.Since the game has moved to therespective campuses, it’s even at 12-12. The Wall Street Journal says Auburn’s football program is valued at 508.1 million while Bama’s is 476.0 million. Auburn, using other school’s criteria in claiming National Championships, would have 9 which is not too shabby. If that were to be booed and belittled, then Bama would have to start subtracting. Finally, with Mark Emmert as president of the NCAA and a Bama grad,Derrick Crawford as Chief of the enforcement division, Bama has a very powerful advantage over all rivals. Emmert is the former leader of LSU and hired Nick Saban to run that program. Even though an NCAA rule prohibits amateur athletes to promote private businesses with or without compensation, football players at Alabama have been doing just that for at least 4years without losing eligibility as provided by rule  This covers a lot of wins and 3 crystal footballs and nothing will be done about it. Whining Aubie ? Damn straight. We endured an NCAA colonoscopy that showed nary a polyp of impropriety, but we have sinned in the past and paid the price. What I’m saying is Auburn can stand proudly in the shadow of the greatest program of all times and be on equal footing despite swimming with our feet and hands tied making us “The most powerful program in history.“Just think what we could accomplish on an even playing field. It boggles the mind !

The tell-all phrase is…

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“Decommitted from AU,” Wilkins tweeted. “Thanks for all the love from the fans but I have to do what’s best for me.”Dee Liner used it too. It carries a specific meaning when they can’t give other reasons for their decisions in my opinion, slanted as it may be.