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spent my formative years in Alabama, am the only Auburn fan of my other 4 siblings. My sister and her husband, their 10 year old son is an Auburn fan teeeeeheeeeee!!! and so is my 90 year old daddy. I married "safe," an SEC fan from MIssissippi. We moved to Houston in 1981and have never lost our SEC fever!!!!

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Last Week’s Game and Today

By Posted on: November 3rd, 2012 in Member Post 1 Comment »

We actually had an Aggie friend over,  had Aggie radio to go with the television.  Our Aggie friend shamed Aggie Nation by not being able to sing the Aggie War  Hymn with the slaughter was over.  He said because he was a transfer student.  Harrumph!!!! So this week the Aggies are playing my husband’s team, Continue Story…