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2013 Schedule Rapid Fire Predictions

By on July 12th, 2013 in Football 18 Comments »

AU Tigers ScheduleEvery year around this time I like to begin mapping out how I believe Auburn’s season will go. Specifically, wins and losses. What better way to do that than shooting straight from the hip? So I went through game by game and have provided what my initial instincts are telling me from afar.

8-31-2013 Washington St. – Mike Leach’s squad will serve as an early test to the Auburn defensive unit. Although it is considered by many to be a team to struggle in 2013, Washington St. remains an unknown as far as the Tigers are concerned. This is a statement for this coaching staff. A strong opening performance in front of the home crowd will allow one gigantic (and long overdue) sigh of relief from the Auburn family. I see this contest being tight into the third quarter before the home crowd and revamped Tiger defense help Auburn take control. WIN

9-07-2013 Arkansas St. – The jilted Wolfpack will arrive in Auburn prepared to pounce on its former head coach. They’ll have no such luck. Auburn pulls away in the second half and never looks back. WIN

9-14-2013 Mississippi St. – Revenge is a dish best served cold – but this game is in September and the only thing cold about it will be in ice chests all across campus so the Bulldogs will just have to settle for another SEC road loss in the sweltering heat of Jordan-Hare. WIN

9-21-2013 @LSU – This game will be an important measuring stick for the 2013 Tigers. Will they make the trip to Baton Rouge and lay down for the superior team? Or will they have revenge on their mind after squandering the lead in last year’s matchup? I think Auburn will hang with LSU for one half and then slowly fade. LOS

10-05-2013 Ole Miss – This is somewhat of a trap game. Especially if Auburn is able to travel to Baton Rouge in their previous game and have a good showing. However, a bye week in between should allow for some much needed regrouping and refocusing. Auburn hangs on and pulls out a tough one against a confident Rebel squad. WIN

10-12-2013 Western Carolina – This will provide a possible game in which to rest some starters and possibly plant some seeds for a huge upset in the following week. WIN

10-19-2013 @ Texas A&M – In only their second road game of the season, Auburn will enter the home of the 12th man with memories of one of its worst defeats ever fresh on its mind. Despite Auburn’s similar fast-paced offense, the defense has no answer and Johnny Football runs wild. LOSS

10-26-2013 Florida-Atlantic – Homecoming. Get the starters some rest and prepare for a tough two week stretch on the road. WIN

11-02-2013 @Arkansas – Having already visited two of the most intimidating stadiums college football has to offer, Auburn will not be affected by the Razorback faithful. The Tigers hit the road and handle their business as Gus Malzahn guides his team to a victory and his first SEC road win. WIN

11-09-2013 @Tennessee – I’m fine with being the only person in creation predicting this two week triumph but I believe Auburn goes to Rocky Top and gets an SEC road win for a second straight week. This will be a battle tested bunch come November and I don’t see any way Arkansas or Tennessee can be in a better state than Auburn from all the way out here in July. WIN

11-16-2013 Georgia – No you didn’t sleep through a year, Rip Van Winkle. The Bulldogs will return in 2013 to Jordan-Hare and for the second straight year, Auburn will have no answers for the Bulldogs. Heartbreaker in the deep south’s oldest rivalry. LOSS

11-30-2013 Alabama – For this season’s Iron Bowl to get any worse than the two previous, Auburn will have to hire the French government to officially surrender for them prior to kickoff. In all seriousness, I think an inspired Auburn team is able to push the Crimson to the brink much like it did in 2009. In the end however, the defending national champs are too much. LOSS

Auburn navigates the SEC in a strong bounce back year going 8-4 and winning two SEC road games in consecutive weeks. Not bad for a first year head coach with a high-school offense.

What do YOU think? Love it? Hate it? It’s time to debate it! 


  1. KoolBell KoolBell says:

    LSU has lost a ton of folks this spring to the NFL. Can they truly just reload?

    They have the best college QB in the country, they don’t always call the best plays from the sidelines at Baton Rouge. Auburn’s defense will be much improved. It’s Auburn’s offense however that will rule the day, and silence the crowd.

    A great read to wake up to, thanks.

    Tigers win this one, yeah, the Auburn Tigers! WAR EAGLE!

    • domaucan1 domaucan1 says:

      KOOLBELL: WOW! I sure hope you are right!


      WAR EAGLE !!!

      GO BIG BLUE !!!

  2. KungFuPanda9 KungFuPanda9 says:

    I like the 8 wins as stated with LSU as a possible 9th.

    The difference maker is Malzahn.

  3. sullivan013 sullivan013 says:

    I’m not so sure TAMU will be the buzz saw it was last year. There is now a year’s worth of film for Johnny Football and I believe his tendency to evade the rush by turning to his blind side will be countered by astute DCs around the conference. I think his sophomore slump will be significant.

    I won’t make any predictions on wins or losses, but the sleeper team to worry about this year looks to be Ole Miss in the West and Vandy in the East. Both of those teams will likely upset one of the leading teams in each side of the conference which will muddy the BCS waters considerably.

    • sparkey sparkey says:

      The biggest loss for Texas A&M from last season was their offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury. It was only a matter of time before he got a head coaching job some where as now he’s at Texas Tech. I think you’ll see the Red Raiders have a really productive offense. Texas A&M will miss Kingsbury. The man is an offensive virtuoso and I think you’ll notice the effects of his absence really soon. That said, I don’t see Auburn beating A&M in their own building and I have to say that Kevin Sumlin is no slouch of a coach either. I think they still beat us by two or three touch downs as I don’t see us slowing that offense down because it still has exceptional athletes all over the field.

      • Todd92 Todd92 says:

        One question Sparkey… How will A&M stop anyone else from scoring? If they are diminished on offense they had better have a huge improvement on defense to beat anyone by multiple TDs. And I agree that kingsbury will have success at TTU but that’s Sumlin’s offense at A&M don’t forget that. I think having to replace 12 starters is the biggest obstacle for A&M to overcome and I don’t think they are capable of that big of a reload. Add to all of this Manziel’s very immature and divisive offseason antics and you have a recipe for a huge slide from last season. I think we agree on the outcome just not the mechanism by which they fall… And I think AU pulls the “upset” or loses by small margin.

  4. DothanTiger DothanTiger says:

    Good post Derrick. I like your thoughts on the 8-9 wins. I also agree with Sullivan about Ole Miss and Vandy.

  5. Todd92 Todd92 says:

    The LSU game is a toss up in my opinion with the slight advantage going to LSU. LSU lost a lot and is implementing a new offense and while I think Cam Cameron is a great hire for them his system is not simple to install… At least it wasn’t in the NFL.

    The A&M game is also a toss up with the advantage going to AU IMO. Manziel is talented but he’s not unstoppable, he’s not a one man team, nor does he play defense… A&M has to replace one of the best if not the best offensive tackles in college football from last year as well as others on the OL. I also think teams will force Manziel to stay in the pocket by curbing the aggression of their DE’s and working to contain rather than sack Johnny football. They won’t sneak up on anyone this year and lose at least 3 or 4 games…. And AU will most likely be one of those games.

    Our talent level across the board is very high and deep. We didn’t tank last year because of talent and this season will show it because the team has bought into the system and will be extremely hungry for success.

    I say we’re 9-3 and possibly better if we win the LSU game and or Bama/UGA games.

  6. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..My picks are pretty much the same. Yeah, Johnny Football could implode this year, as folks figure out how to defend his running around. Or if he gets in trouble off the field. However, Kevin Sumlin has been pretty good at dusting off replacement quarterbacks, plugging them in, and immediately generating big numbers. He did have a freshman quarterback last season, and had him winning tough games by midseason, and buzz-sawing folks at the end.

  7. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    Gotta find a QB first or we are 6-6 at best.

  8. audude audude says:

    I see it about the same as Derrick…if we can get reasonable quaterback play with the expected uptick in defensive intesity throughout an entire game.

  9. auh20 auh20 says:

    8 wins likely. Shocking the football world with an unfettered Malzahn offense a possibility. No one has seen what he and Lashlee can do at Auburn without any restraints. Add to that a wizened defensive coordinator with ample talent and who knows. My Orange and Blue goggles let me see all that !

  10. bornatiger says:

    I beleive we go 8-9 wins people forget we were competitive those firt couple games last year with terable coaching

  11. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:

    I would be very happy with 7 or 8 wins as long as one of them comes on September 21 here in my home town. I will conveniently be out of the country, which will save me a lot of name calling by locals. It would be GREAT to have a “W” in our column upon my return. Win or lose, IT’S STILL GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER !!!

    WAR EAGLE !!!

    GO BIG BLUE !!!

  12. AuburnBuck says:

    Auburn will surprise a lot of folks this year. We have the best offensive mind in football and with our talent and desire, we will win all except A&M, Ga. and Alabama. However, if we play a great game at home, Ga. goes down. Playing A&M in College Station will probably be the deciding factor. Playing Alabama at home is probably not going to be enough, but a win sure would be nice.
    We should get a decent bowl and we should be well tuned up for who we play. I can’t wait to get started.


  13. Orange Talon Orange Talon says:

    Great head coach and staff, couple of key JC transfers, and a solid recruiting class. However, a new offensive coordinator and offense, new defensive coordinator and defense, unsettled at the QB position (because none have stood out as the front runner), and a lot of returning players from the undersized and uninspired 3-9 mess from last season.

    Lots of variables in this season’s equation. Headed in the right direction for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised by a 5-7 season either. Hope I’m way wrong.

    War Eagle!

    • Todd92 Todd92 says:

      The majority of the players have been in Malzahn’s offense so it’s not really a new offense. In fact they’re only one year removed from it. QB hasn’t been settled at AU in several years and I don’t see this as the biggest obstacle. The defense is the biggest question mark due to scheme and past performance but I believe that between the total embarrassment of last years defense and the kids buying into the c

      • Todd92 Todd92 says:

        -coaches system and working harder our defense will be much improved and look like an SEC defense should on the field. We will shock the world and prove the talking head media wrong again.