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Bash the Bulldogs!

By on September 7th, 2012 in Football 21 Comments »

By Acid Reign
( on September 8, 2012


at Mississippi State, Open Thread

Eagle, everybody, and good morning! Today at 11:00 AM, The Auburn
Tigers will take on the Mississippi State Bulldogs in Starkville.
It’s a must win game for both teams, and the atmosphere will be a lot
more charged than your typical caffeinated kickoffs. Auburn’s trying
to avoid only the 2nd
0-2 start in the past 30 years, and MSU is trying to beat an SEC West
team other than Ole Miss for the first time in 4 years. Something’s
gotta give, folks!

weather for this one will be iffy. There’s a cold front blowing
through Starkville this morning, and rain is a possiblity. The
lastest weather reports indicate that the storms should be about
through by kickoff, but those at the game should be prepared, in

will not be the usual play by play from me today, as I’m going to be
at the game in person. Hopefully, some pictures will turn out, and
more importantly, I can cheer the Tigers to victory!

note on our new platform: If you’re a long-time reader of this site,
and you use mobile devices, we’ve discovered a possible cause of the
issues we’ve been having. Evidently, SB Nation redirected mobile
users to a slightly different URL. One of their many features, to be
sure. But since we’re now on a different platform, that SBN-modified
URL will only work sporadically, if at all. Make sure you dial in:

hoping this fixes most of our problems on the new site!

always, feel free to let fly in the comments! We always enjoy the
participation! War Eagle, folks! And lets smack those Bulldogs!



  1. misticwarrior13 says:

    I am posting in "the future."

  2. myauburn says:

    Alas, I will be traveling to Ark for "gasp" golf today and will only have radio. Not all bad though, we have the best radio team in the business. They make it really close to watching.
    War Eagle
    Beat those dogs.

  3. Tigertracker . says:

    Good morning and War Eagle! I feel pretty confident that we are going to win this one today. I’ve watched about 3 quarters of the clemson game in slow mo (boring I know) just to see what we did right and wrong. Offensively we were better than what showed. If we line up in the I and run the ball with a little play action mixed in we can compete with anyone. Greg Robinson had at least 3 false starts one of which actually got called on clemson so that needs fixed ASAP. Our young group of guys was mashing clemson. The few negative plays we had were from the occasional missed block and in one case mason going the wrong way. Slade pulled and went around left end with prosch and mason went into the gap they vacated rather than following them. What looked to be a TD run if he went the right way went for a 4 yard loss. Same on the play where we started from the 1 yard line. If prosch gets a clean block on his man mason is 99 yds to the house. Also on the frazier INT he threw the ball about 60 yds while rolling to the sideline. Just imagine if he had stepped into it. Reed brainfarts on the backline and misses a sure TD and CSL abandoned the run in the redzone alot. I think all that gets fixed today. Defensively we just need to tackle better and in some instances play man instead of zone. I saw one 3rd and 3 where none of our DBs started closer than 9 yds from their receivers and they were 4 wide. How the heck you gonna stop a quick pass for 3 yards from that far away. I guess the mentality is give them underneath stuff, don’t get beat deep, and hope they shoot themselves in the foot. Well clemson did a few times on 3rd down, but not often enough. I’d much rather see us line up hat on hat and send more than they can block and force the QB to make quick reads. Sure they’ll score some TDs, but we may create some turnovers too. Anyway, have posted in a while and needed to vent, but I’m expecting us to beat the cowbells today. Being a road game may keep it closer than it should be, but if we could happen to get up a few scores that will quiet the cowbells and may incite the fans turning on their own team as yet another team not named ole miss delivers a bully beatdown! Go Tigers!

  4. Challenger10 says:

    Ready to go! War Eagle everyone!

  5. ColeLoco says:

    Does anybody know where I can get an Auburn radio feed online, because I don’t know how long I can listen to ABC?

  6. Tigertracker . says: has several feeds. just select NCAA, then Southeastern, then Auburn and you may have to try several before you find one that works as I do not know how often they update feeds.

  7. Challenger10 says:

    The offense is terrible thus far. We have had absolutely no blocking.

  8. Challenger10 says:

    At the end of 1 the score is tied at 0 with Auburn driving on the Miss St side of the field.

  9. Challenger10 says:

    At the half st 7 AU 3. The defense has play fairly well considering we have turned the ball over twice on poor passes that were intercepted. The o-line has been suspect and Frzier has been horrible.

  10. Challenger10 says:

    At the end of 3 it is st 21 AU 10. Only Special tems have played well thus far.

  11. Tigertracker . says:

    This is depressing…I really thought I saw some things that we would build on this week and I will stay optimistic. However if we cannot complete passes it will be a LONG year.

  12. Challenger10 says:

    It is going to be a long year.

  13. Matt Miller says:

    sigh… can’t even continue to watch. Time for some thing more fun like yard work, or maybe laundry. f**k.

  14. augaub says:

    wow…i don’t even know what to say. some SERIOUS changes need to be made across the board. the whole team, coaches included looked like they quit today.

  15. Challenger10 says:

    It is going to end st 28 and AU 10. 3 interceptions and 2 fumbles by Frazier, less than 250 yds total offense. Our only TD was a kickoff return. Defense still missed a lot of tackles and the D tackles got pushed back more often than not. The special teams were the only part of the game where we played well.

  16. Tigertracker . says:

    And LAMO beats Arky. 0-3 suddenly looks like a real possibility…

  17. Tiger on the Mountain says:

    Watching the game I felt like Higgins when Magnum PI walked into Robin Master’s house with muddy feet: OH MY GOD!.

    If we don’t have a change at Quarterback, there might be a mutiny. It wasn’t just the 5 turnovers committed by one person, it was when the camera panned the Auburn sidelines, he was mostly sitting by himself, not talking to anyone. Not rallying the troops, not figuring out what he needed to be doing better. Rarely do highly effective quarterbacks seek quality alone time, particularly when their ass is being handed to him by a bunch of cow bells.

  18. Tiger on the Mountain says:

    My only gripe with the commenting system, is that I can’t do it at all from my iPad…maybe there’s an app for that?

    • Challenger10 says:

      Really? I have been able to comment from my iPad without adding an app. Are you hitting the confirmation button after you post TOTM?

  19. Todd92 says:

    TOTM…..I don’t think we will see a change unless Wallace has his redshirt burned. Moseley is still rehabbing and is probably not an option for a while longer or so the bird told me. Buckle up it’s gonna be a turbulent flight.