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The Word of the Week is Patience

By on September 5th, 2012 in Uncategorized 10 Comments »

By Jay Coulter ( on September 5, 2012

How big is Saturday’s game at Miss State? Like it or not, it’s
pretty damn big. We’ve been hearing it all week and it’s true. Might as well
embrace it.

There’s no arguing the direction of this football program. Its
last four recruiting classes have been among the nation’s best. From top to
bottom, it has one of the best coaching staffs money can buy. There hasn’t been
talent this deep at Auburn since Pat Dye roamed the sidelines.

Auburn fans have been patient. They’ve bought into Gene
Chizik’s plan. Now they must give him time – more time.

A week into the season, the state media has already begun
questioning Chizik’s direction.

Just yesterday, Birmingham
columnist Kevin Scarbinsky pointed out that Chizik was 16-11 in games
played without Cam Newton.

How idiotic is that statement?

That’s like saying Vince Dooley was a lesser coach because
he had Herschel Walker or Urban Meyer was a phony because most of his wins came
with Tim Tebow.

By now, Chizik has grown accustomed to the moronic
statements made by some rs. It’s important that fans see it the same way.


Against the backdrop of Alabama’s rise back to the top of
the polls, Auburn heads to Starkville Saturday to take on a team that’s as
dangerous as they come. Auburn should win the game. It’s expected to win. But
it’s far from guaranteed.

What transpires in East Mississippi on Saturday morning will
go a long way in determining the 2012 season, but not Chizik’s tenure.

Things may get worse before they get better.

The last time Auburn started 0-2 was back in 2003. Tommy
Tuberville hobbled to an 8-5 finish against a much weaker SEC. Dye’s 1984 team
lost to Miami and Texas to start the season and finished 9-4.

This year’s edition will have a much tougher time hitting
either of those marks should they come up short Saturday. That’s life in the

There was plenty to like in Atlanta on Saturday. There was a
lot of ugly mixed in with it too. There will be naysayers in the coming weeks
who will question whether Chizik and staff are one hit wonders. A loss Saturday
and the stories will come fast and furious.

No one is conceding Saturday – far from it. Auburn should
win and likely will win. Regardless, Auburn people must continue to maintain
perspective and patience. This team may shock everyone. Then again, it may
struggle like last season.

But don’t lose the forest for the trees on this one. This
Auburn team is close to being back. It may or may not be this season; but it’s
not far from competing for national titles.

Trust Chizik, not Kevin Scarbinsky.


  1. Challenger10 says:

    Good post. Could not agree more regarding who to trust.

  2. AubTigerman says:

    Amen Jay!

    It needed to be said. Seems like today’s journalist feel like they have to be pot stirrers in order to be successful.

    Chizik and crew will get the job done, of that I am certain.

  3. Derrick Roberts says:

    It’s amazing to me how much the media has attempted to paint Auburn’s national championship run as less than genuine. Simply ridiculous. It’s like it didn’t happen, doesn’t count, and can’t be referenced as a positive when discussing Chizik’s head coaching career.

    Well it DID count, it IS genuine, and it IS a statement to how Gene Chizik operates a football program. One needs to look no further than our recruiting classes under CGC to see that he is raising the talent level on The Plains.

    If it weren’t for unforeseen attrition, we’d be locked and loaded yet again to make a run to the BCSNCG. Patience is key indeed Jay.

  4. LSU Jonno says:

    The problem with this weekend’s game is that for whatever reason State seems to have adopted this game as their Super Bowl. I don’t know if the Cam Newton stuff has added the fuel to this fire or what, but they really see this game as their opportunity to beat a West team not named Ole Miss.

    Auburn on the other hand always has bigger fish to fry with Bama, UGA, etc. always seen as the must win games. It seems like this year might be State’s year to finally win this game, but I thought that last year too.

    Good luck you guys!

  5. Kool Bell says:

    Trusting anything Scarbo s is as silly as pissing in your morning coffee. It’ll leave a real bad taste in your mouth.

    Nobody wants to have an 8-5 season while their chief rival wins the BCS. There is the rub. I guarantee that if Alabama had lost their first game the headlines would have been much worse.
    What’s wrong with Bama
    Saban is losing touch
    Or whatever other nonsense those guys can about. Building a level of talent that Auburn can start to replace every season, and not have to rebuild takes time.

    We used to say a coach needs at least 4-5 years to get his program where it needs to be. Now because of Bob Stoops, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, and Gene Chizik, everyone thinks a program can be rebuilt in two seasons. That is just not possible.

    Give Chizik two more years, no less, no more.


    • LSU Jonno says:

      If Chizik can’t win 8 games this year, and can’t get back into the top 2 of the West next year (with LSU and Arky both rebuilding, and Bama losing a lot of starters as well) I think you have to start thinking about making a switch.

      I nominate James Franklin!

  6. Todd92 says:

    Let the naysayers and pot stirrers waste ink and breath. The simple fact of the matter is that no matter what happens this season Chizik and his staff aren’t going anywhere. Chizik is building a power house program that will be able to compete with any team in the SEC or the Country. With the limitations that Moseley’s injury put on the QB competition we all realized that KF would be our starter and there would be some growing pains…same can be said for our changing coordinators….we knew there would be growing pains…and yet we came away from the Clemson game feeling like we let one get away. I see plenty of positives to build on for this season and I see us competing at the highest level next year on. I think we should win in Starkville and I will be surprised if we don’t, but I won’t doubt the bright future ahead if we lose. Beat the Mullen out of the Cowbells (just try not to get any on you)!

  7. myauburn says:

    Sportswriting 101

    Step 1-Pick the most volatile topic you can think of
    Step 2-Cast the subject of your article in the worst possible light
    Step 3-Word the article to piss off the most people possible
    Follow these 3 easy steps and you too can be a sportsr.

    Call 1-800-555-1234 for address to send your $5 to receive your diploma.

    Offer not valid in states with no major college football program

  8. myauburn says:

    Case in point about sportsrs and right on cue. SI just published the top 20 college football mascots. Where was our Eagle. No where to be found. How the hell can you leave that pregame ceremony off the list?