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The Business of Football

By on September 18th, 2012 in Football 5 Comments »

By myauburn on September 18, 2012

All the media scribes have been telling us for a long time that big time college football is a business. Well folks, I am here to tell you they are very right. This season for the Tigers presents a lot of parallels to a business. First let me say I am in business, actually 5 different businesses and I have enough employees to feel competent to expound on the following comparison.

I am the owner, just like Chizik. I have employees who all have their strong points and weak ones, just like him. You have to play up the strong points and avoid the weak ones. Let’s take them one at a time.

My number one guy is a focused, driven person who would do anything necessary to take care of my business. My number two guy is a more emotional guy who when challenged will put aside emotions and come through every time.

Chizik has the same people. He has a DC who is focused, driven and will do anything necessary to take care of (football) business. He has an OC who is an emotional guy who needs to be challenged.

My job, and his, is to drive the number one guy and challenge the number two guy. This is Chiziks’ job right now. He must get in the face of BVG to get the defense fixed and challenge SL to fix the offensive problems that are hurting the business of Auburn Football.

Now, the second level. I have a guy who is somewhat simpleminded, but is talented and will work his butt off and take on any task you assign, but you must explain it to him slowly and in detail in words he can understand. If you can do that all you have to do is sit back and watch him get it done. That guy on our team is Frazier. He needs to have things explained to him in detail in words he can understand. He has the talents, he just needs clearer instructions….play calling.

I also have a young man who is more laid back but given a job, he will dive in head first and get it done. That guy on our team is our middle linebacker. He is the leader of the defense and must be given the job of diving in head first into the play and get it done instead of waiting till it comes to him..

I know this is a comparison that some will take exception with but it is valid. I….Chizik have to get the best out of their/my managers and they in turn have to get the best out of their charges.  Work up a scheme to get the very best out of your employees/players.

In business it is hard to find good managers and even harder to find good workers. At AU we have good managers and we have good workers. It is the job of the business owner/head coach to bring out the best in the managers who in turn will bring out the best in the workers.

I am fortunate to have the people who work for me and I have a good mix of talent. Chizik is in exactly the same position.

I would go to the mat for any of my people and am sure Chizik would go to the mat for his guys, but you still have to have a bottom line guy and that is Chizik/me. The Indians would not know which way to ride around the wagon train without the Chief directing them.

In closing you can rail all you want about BVG and SL but the bottom line is Gene Chizik.

Is he a good businessman or just another guy who will declare bankruptcy soon.

The rest of this season will tell us. I, for one, want to see how good a businessman he really is. War Eagle


  1. AubTigerman says:

    Fair comparison on a timely subject.

    Like a good manager, he has to keep the focus and production of those under him moving forward especially in the difficult times.
    And this season will definitely be a difficult time as the coach’s experiment with a different style offense may take longer than most have patience for. That being said … My money is on Chizik.

  2. Brett Mason says:

    I would agree it rest on CGC shoulders. He is the man and the buck stops with him.

  3. Tigertracker . says:

    I really think the bottom line is leadership or lack thereof in this case. Chizik should make it mandatory that they all take some kind of leadership or management class as an elective. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard him say before that he’s not just molding football players, he’s molding men. While I stand behind that message I’m not seeing results on either front as the play is substandard and the off field actions of these "men" have been nothing to brag about. Some players have to lead and those leaders have to police the others to some degree in both on and off field areas…just like managers or crew chiefs at work. Come on Tigers! BOW UP THIS WEEK!!!

    Also can we PLEASE get tre mason about 25 carries…and just seeeee what happens? Nothing against blakely and omac, but I just think mason is running the strongest right now and you gotta feed the beast.

  4. Tiger on the Mountain says:

    When someone is pulling in an annual salary that dwarfs the GDP of a small developing nation, the expectation is that he’d better be earning it. While I’m all about giving Chizik some time and flexibility, I totally get why some people are calling for his head. I can’t blame them-even if I disagree.

    Let’s put the troubling lack of talent development aside for right now. We still don’t have a solid team leader (or preferably team leaders), and the off-field issues are getting worse, not better. Now let’s add 3 straight top 10 recruiting classes, which should be bubbling over with moldable talent….yet we can only tackle if 9 defenders run towards the ball and we have a qb that’s good for about 30 minutes of a 60 minute game. And all of these are worth the mult-million $$ contract?? I might be able to do the same job for much less…just sayin’.

    Also, for the record, I’m just playing devil’s advocate. While Chiz’s seat might be getting warm, it’s truly asinine to suggest firing him at this stage.

  5. Acid Reign says:

    …..I would think Coach Chizik has another year to turn things around. We took some lumps last year, and I would say Gene’s performance review had to have some mixed results. Say what you want about Jay Jacobs, but at least he didn’t go public with his criticisms of the head coach, like his predecessor did back at the end of the 1996 season.

    …..Chizik pushed the reset button at the end of last year. He decided that different schemes were needed, and made some moves. Some of those things were forced on him, when Gus Malzhan took the H.C. job at Arkansas State. It’s unrealistic to expect players recruited for a very different system to have immediate success in a more complicated scheme. It’s like that manager who "raises the bar," when you weren’t making your metrics to begin with. There is certainly angst and growing pains when that happens! The devil’s in the details. You can damage morale doing that, or you can inspire folks to do more than they ever thought was possible. As myauburn points out above, there’s no ONE right way to manage folks.

    …..My take is this. If Chizik’s boss (Jacobs) didn’t like Chizik’s plans, he should have said so last January. If we go with it, we have to be all-in. That means living through some bumps in the road. I think we’ve got to keep striving on the new path, and see where it goes.

    …..All of these coaches are proven guys. They’ve coached winners, and won big. We’ve got to be patient this year, and see how things develop. Next year, I think the hot-seat talk can begin if we’re still getting torn up by Sun Belt offenses and hitting defenders in the numbers with pass attempts.

    ……That said, I’ll still critique what I see on the field. When I criticize, I do try to stick to the performance, and not call specific players "weak," or "stupid." And if I give a bad grade, it does not mean I don’t still love Auburn!

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