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When the Going Gets Tough

By on September 14th, 2012 in Football 7 Comments »

By Derrick Roberts – on September 14, 2012

Week 3 has
arrived and the Tigers are finally home sweet home on the plains! Auburn limps
into Saturday’s matchup at its lowest point since Tommy Tubberville’s departure
in 2008. Those words alone are cringe-worthy, but add to that the fact that Louisiana-Monroe
enters this contest on possibly the highest point of their program’s recent
history and you’ve got a dangerous situation brewing at Jordan-Hare stadium. Gut-check
time has officially arrived, and it’s time for someone to step up and make
something happen.

The road
ahead looks daunting to say the least, but when have accomplishments come easy
for our Auburn Tigers? No one is lining up to hand this Auburn squad anything.
Every inch from here forward will have to be earned two-fold. We will learn a
lot tomorrow about what these players and coaches are made of. Clemson happened
– we’re past it. Mississippi State happened – it’s over.

Some things to consider before becoming frustrated
with the current state of Auburn football:

  • Kiehl
    Frazier is young. The SEC is a tough and lonely place to grow up as a
    quarterback. Frazier is attending the school of hard-knocks, as far as
    quarterbacks go. If we ever want a seasoned, veteran quarterback then we have
    to take the bad with the good. 
  • Both sides of
    the ball are learning new systems. While our progress wasn’t encouraging from
    week one to week two, I think the team still has a lot of growing that WILL be
    done in 2012 on offense and defense.
  • Our
    1-2 punch to open the season was extremely unique (and difficult) in that
    Clemson was out to prove last season wasn’t a fluke and Mississippi State
    scheduled cupcakes for the entire MONTH they faced us. When you consider the
    widespread inexperience on Auburn’s roster you begin to understand how
    overwhelming these types of games can be.


And now, some tough-love:

  • The
    talent that has been brought in from the last three recruiting classes must
    begin emerging. Youth and inexperience are words this coaching staff needs to
    be forbidden from using for describing this team. Yes, we have a lot of
    underclassmen. Yes, we have a lot of players that are starting their first few
    games of college football, but we’ve got serious talent. For the most part,
    players don’t flip a switch and become All-Americans between their sophomore
    and junior seasons. There is always progress. This coaching staff needs to
    prove it can coach players from 4/5 star prospects to All SEC caliber players.

Just 20
months removed from winning a BCS National Championship, Auburn enters a must-win game at home against
Louisiana-Monroe. I don’t like thinking about it anymore than the next guy, but
the truth hurts. With the 2012 season still very much in adolescence, it is
shaping up to be a critically defining season for the Gene Chizik regime. Belief
will be key to Auburn getting their season back on track tomorrow and that
carries over to the fans as well. You may not be happy with the eight quarters
of football you’ve seen so far, but you cannot let a negative attitude deteriorate
your support for the team. These young men have to feel the spirit of the
Auburn family pushing them every step of the way. They can’t do it without us.  

When the
going gets tough – the tough get going. Tomorrow we’ll find out if Auburn is
tough enough to take their season back. 


  1. Acid Reign says:

    …..I’m guessing that they’ll do very well, tomorrow!

  2. AubTigerman says:

    "They Can do it with all of us."

    Agree … and I’m still "All In."

  3. Kool Bell says:

    Looks a more than suitable replacement for my drivel has been found. All that is to say, Great read Derrick. I concur wholeheartedly.
    Auburn and it’s fan base must find ways to weather these storms, if we are ever going to get back to the pinnacle of the college football world.


  4. myauburn says:

    I have high hopes for tomorrow but I still want to see some of our young 4-5 star recruits get some meaningful playing time.

  5. Brett Mason says:

    Its a sad day when the words ‘gut check’ and ‘Louisiana Monroe’ are in the same paragraph. This may be the lowest point in a decade. A win is necessary. A dominating win.