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Auburnitis… There Is No Known Cure

By on August 29th, 2012 in Uncategorized 16 Comments »

By myauburn  on August 29, 2012​

Even though none of us are new to TET, given the new
platform, I felt it would be appropriate to hear from everyone how you first
contracted the incurable disease called “Auburnitis”  While the disease has no cure the symptoms
are unmistakable.

In the early stages you feel the irresistible urge to buy
things Orange and Blue and develop a distaste for anything Crimson and

Later symptoms include the following:

You teach your children or pet in my case to say War Eagle.

You get goosebumps whenever you hear the fight song.

You get misty eyed while talking about AU tradition.

Advance case symptoms include drastic changes in mood swings
based on the outcome of games sometimes resulting in anger management issues
regarding West Alabama.

It is no secret how I contracted the disease (it was
transmitted at birth) so I will share the time my wonderful wife was first
infected.  By the way, she grew up a

On a beautiful fall day early in our marriage I took her to
her first AU football game in Jordon Hare. Upon seeing Toomers Corner and the
throngs of people she became slightly flushed. I could tell her fever had risen
above 98.6. When we got within shouting distance of Jordon Hare her walking
pace quickened and upon hearing the band warming up she made me quicken my pace
to get around the stadium to watch.  Temp
now at least 100. While there we heard sirens in the distance and she wanted to
know what was up. I told her it was probably the referees being escorted to the
stadium but she wanted to see.  When we
arrived at the gate where the police motorcade stopped, we watched a white van
back into the stadium portal and unload our beloved Eagle. Temp now at least
102. After entering the stadium she sat rather quietly and wide eyed at the
spectacle for some time. When the Eagle was released and landed on the 50 yard
line the infection was complete. Temp now 104. For the next few hours I was
pummeled by her every time anything good happened.

She now is a bigger fan than I and I am very happy about the

So, how did you fist get infected.  Please share the story.


  1. Michael Burtyk says:

    I totally get how your loved one can fall in love with all things Auburn!
    I moved to Alabama in 1970 from Illinois. I was just about ten years of age and knew little of the statewide obsession, FOOTBALL. This was towards the end of Alabama’s nine year reign over Auburn. "In this state one must choose" I was told. I watched how the Alabama fans treated the Auburn fans and came to realize I could never be that arrogant or taunt a people so mercilessly. So I began to root for the underdog.
    I was baptised by the Alabama faithful with ridicule and scorn for my choice. I suffered that very next year with more Alabama mirth. It was hard to bear but I took it with the stoic endevour of my new Auburn comrades. Thus, I took comfort with other Auburn fans. You see, I came to realize how warm and kind the Auburn people were (and for that part most southerners are).
    Now I am not saying that all Alabama fans were evil at that time; to the contrary I have met many of the Alabama faithful who are great and kind people (like the very nice man Dick Coffee (some may know him as the guy who has been to every Alabama game for the past 50 years), and I met Bart Starr[a wonderful person in his own right],etc…). However, my experiences over football and taunting (or "good natured ribbing" as the Alabama fans would call it) became a little extreme; almost to the point of bullying due to my age group.
    I came to learn that nothing last forever; 1972 came and cemented my love for all things Auburn. But I, unlike many, did not taunt that year. I wore that warm feeeling of victory on the inside. I can still hear the elated screams of "Punt, Bama, Punt" coming from all my friends lips; and that phrase still gives me chills!
    To all the Auburn family…..War Eagle!

  2. Acid Reign says:

    …..Great story! Mine’s not quite so cool. I grew up in one of those "house divided" families. Otherwise responsible, good hearted folks would go absolutely nuts and verbally savage one another when Auburn/Alabama came up. It was a conversational topic one avoided at family gatherings, unless you wanted to see fireworks!

    …..Some of these episodes got pretty out of hand, during my childhood. If some of y’all think I’m too genial with the Bama folk, it’s because I’d rather see reasoned banter, rather than the escalating hatred and vandalism I grew up with.

    …..That said, it was the behavior of the Bama folk in my own family that first colored my allegiance. Frankly, I didn’t care about football in my single digit years. Didn’t have the patience to watch it. I was going to be back at my lego box before the first quarter was over. In my experience, they’d sure dish it out when they won eight of the first nine Iron Bowls of my life.

    …..When my poor mother and Auburn alum celebrated the 1969 Auburn win that broke the drought, she AND Auburn were widely condemned as cheaters, bad sports, and worse. They could dish out the gloating and teasing when they won, but you’d better not say a word when they lost!

    …..I’d say that I started actively following Auburn on the radio about age 12. That was the year of the Amazins. Punt Bama Punt. Those Bama folks had rung our phone off the hook, at any hour, yelling "roll Tahd, we’re gonna beat y’all’s ass," etc. the entire month of November. On December 2, 1972, Auburn blocked two Bama punts and won 17-16. We went ABSOLUTELY CRAZY running around the house, even my dad, who’d done his senior year at Alabama. My allegiance was permanently sewed up that day.

    …..Of course, ten years of futility against Bama followed. Despite those dark days, I was steadfast. I’ve had the fever many times over the years. One of the highlights was putting on that Auburn Band uniform for the first time, and road-tripping to Legion Field to play Tennessee. Auburn put a 29-10 beatdown on the Vols, and helped usher Bill Battle out as the U. T. coach.

    …..Another one was when I was raking leaves in my yard, on a cold day late in 1993, listening to another one of Auburn’s blacked-out games. I was pretty disgusted with our performance, too. Then Nix hit Sanders, and I completely lost it! I screamed and rolled around in the leaves and mud several times that afternoon as the sun went down! To this day, neighbors still start conversations remembering my antics that afternoon.

    …..Who can forget the 2010 BCS Title day? The threads we put up at TrackEmTigers were epic. It had been a long, icy day, and things were just surreal. It was Auburn heaven! I had worn myself out long before the game, playing on icy slopes in Birmingham! I’m sure I was incoherent on the web much of the time!

  3. Bill Sewell says:

    Is the leaves and mud thing the reason for the screen name? I kid. Great story.

    • Acid Reign says:

      …..No, no. That spawned from parental complaints about the "acid rock" I listened to, frequently way too loud!

  4. Derrick Roberts says:

    I’d have to say I caught Auburnitis from my Grandfather. He is the biggest reason I gravitated toward Auburn early on. As for my more specific case of chronic Football Auburnitis; I don’t think that illness has hit its pinnacle just yet. At the end of the last several seasons I’ve had the thought, "I can’t possibly care anymore about this than I do right now," and every year I come back wanting more and more.

    I could talk college football for days probably. I probably have a problem, but don’t we all to some degree?

    Great post!

    War Eagle! Beat Clemson!

  5. Matt Miller says:

    Not sure if this will post with my old handle, but if it doesn’t I’m the Tiger fan formerly known as mgizmo. I hope there will be a gameday thread going on this weekend as I really have looked forward to that. You see, I live in Washington state and there are few AU fans out here that I’ve found and its a lot more fun when we get to share our experience.

    My story is really short. I never cared much for football, but something about 85,214 people screaming their lungs out in relation to the orange and blue clad players activity in a big field really got me started. I saw my first game in 1997 while I was in school to get my degree in horticulture. Auburn is my team. I’m prepared to meet my maker any time now that I’ve been present for our championship. (Also born in New Orleans to a Saints family, so I got that covered too!) I hope our bhoys make us proud this year. WAR EAGLE HEY!

    • Acid Reign says:

      …..I’m planning to be around all day and night, this Saturday! Also have a soft spot for the Saints, and Louisiana in general. My heart’s going out to them, tonight. I know New Orleans is so far keeping flood waters under control in the city, but there is widespread wind damage, and power outtages. Smaller towns in southern Louisiana are having big-time flooding problems, as the storm has basically stalled, and is dumping tons of rain on top of the storm surge. Let’s hope this thing moves on soon.

    • Jumpn' Jack Flash says:

      If while you are logged in, you click on the icon at the bottom right hand corner of the page that shows your screen name and that you are logged in (looks like a sideways oval), you can change your screen name.

    • AubTigerman says:

      Hey Mgizmo,
      Good to hear from you again. Your story is long enough. And I agree about all’s well now that we’ve been blessed to see the championship.

  6. Todd92 says:

    My story is similar in that I grew up in a house divided with my mom and my moms family all AU and my dad and that side of the family all Bammer….one exception was that the obnoxious bammers were my brother and my dad. My grandfather on my dads side was actually offered and accepted a football scholarship to Alabama but never even made it to campus as he married my grandmother instead and in those days you couldn’t be married and on the football team. My Grandfather was a pretty cool dude and one of the best fans of any team or sport even though he was a bammer through and through…..he’s the man who taught me that you root for your team no matter what and that you don’t leave the game early regardless of the score or who’s winning. He also didn’t hate AU and truly rooted for them as long as they weren’t heads up with Bammer. My dad and brother were not so diplomatic to say the least. I grew up, however, rooting for both and to be honest didn’t really pick a side definitively until I decided to go to school at AU. I had grown up going to games at both schools and had never really thought of myself as a fan of either although my dad insisted that I was a Bammer fan. When I was visiting schools and trying to determine where to attend my brother was at Bammer and I was in Tuscaloosa more than not and to be honest that made me want to go to AU probably more than anything. I would have been a legacy in one of the "right" fraternities at Bammer and would have been accepted into "the" social scene….but that wasn’t me I wasn’t all about the caste system that was prevalent in Tuscaloosa and it actually repulsed me. How can anyone be that effin arrogant based on their daddy’s success when they haven’t done anything of note other than learning to wipe their own ass! I visited out of state colleges with my dad in his last ditch attempt to keep me from AU but after my visit to GT my mind was made up…..AU was the place for me. And sitting in the stands as a student (had been there many times for games with my moms side of the family in particular with my moms youngest brother when he was a student)and when the opening kick off started with "Waaaaaaaaaaar Eagle Hey!" the hair stood up on my arms and I felt a swell of pride as I had become a part of something I had always witnessed! War Damn Eagle!

  7. GreenvilleAUfan says:

    Fell in love with Auburn as a child, when I used to tailgate with my grandparents near the Haley center. Back then they used to keep the Eagle in a bird avery in front of the stadium and allow fans to go into have their picture made with him. I can still remember the first time I was in the avery and up close to the War Eagle. It was an awesome moment for a little 7 yr. old. I think that was the day that I was infected for life.

  8. AubTigerman says:

    Excellent read MyAuburn.
    My infection occurred when I was taken to the last Auburn – Georgia game played in Columbus, Ga. I was 2 1/2 months shy of my 10th birthday. Tigers won 21-6. I’ve never been the same since.

  9. Tiger on the Mountain says:

    I was born with it.

    I went to nursery school (I guess it’s called preschool now) in Auburn and one of my earliest memories is looking up at the sky from underneath the trees at College and Magnolia…the sunlight filtering through…that’s my happy place y’all.

    • AubTigerman says:

      You might take a Southern girl out of Auburn but you can’t take the Orange and Blue out of the Southern girl.

  10. Stan Kulikowski says:

    I moved to Enterprise when I was 5. At that time UAT was still playing Penn State. Since we came from PA originally and I had quite a few family members with huge ties to PSU, I couldn’t possibly pull for UAT. Then I saw the attitudes of the fans and that ended any chance of me rooting for UAT.

    Now that I’ve moved to CT, I thought that I would be so alone in my AU love. But there is a chemist whose daughter is in her Junior year at AU. On my first week, there was an AU care package with a hat, T-shirt and wrist band on my desk. My AU flag is posted proudly in my office, much to the dismay of one of the business directors who is a UAT alum.

    I just can’t wait for football to start. I’m ready to introduce the neighbors to AU football. I’m ready to roll my trees after every win!