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Annual TET Yahoo! Pick Em Contest

By on August 27th, 2012 in Uncategorized 6 Comments »

By War Eagle Atlanta on August 27, 2012.

Oh, wow! Lest we almost forget.​ We’ve done this the last three years, this will be the fourth. Go to Yahoo and get signed up.  You will need a Yahoo email address first. If you don’t have one, it’s pretty easy to obtain–a lot easier than finding the link inserts here on Square Space. Our group is Track Em Tigers but you need the group ID # which is 14219. The password is wareagle.

As is custom, we’ll be picking with the spread on top 25 and SEC games each week. Picks are due in 5 minutes before the kickoff of each individual game. If you’re late, you just miss the pick on that contest, not the whole slate of games. You can choose to be reminded a day or two out if you like.​

The group is going to throw your worst two weeks’ worth of picks out at the end. That way, people who get in late still have a fighting chance. Please, if you’re going to commit,  stay in. We’ve done real well each year getting people to ride it out until the bitter end. Also, try to use an ID that matches what you use on TET if you can, for recognition and simplicity sakes​.

Everyone is welcome, even Bama fans and SB Nation execs that might be trolling with regret​. Chime in on this thread and let me know who’s all in. Email me directly with any problems you encounter, as I am the commish. Good luck!!


  1. Ugly Joe says:

    I’m in….stupid question; am I simply picking the winner, or am I picking with points. I am terminolgy impaired.

    • War Eagle Atlanta says:

      You’re picking the winner but with the points. If a team is favored by 14 and you choose the underdog, the favorite must win by 14 or greater or you will win that pick because the favorite failed to ‘cover the spread’. Think of it as a built in handicap.

      • Ugly Joe says:

        understood…i get confused with the terms "with the spread" and "against the spread". thanks

  2. Robert Beck says:

    On the photo…who got that tiger by the balls?

    • AubTigerman says:

      As a man with most of his family from upstate South Carolina (and Clemson fans) I have been asking them that question for years.

  3. War Eagle Atlanta says:

    Thirty-three signed up so far! Most impressive! We had about 60 last season. It would be fun to get a hundert.