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Reese Dismukes Arrested

By on August 25th, 2012 in Uncategorized 17 Comments »

​By Jay Coulter on August 25, 2012

​If you were already worried about Auburn’s offensive line
heading into next week’s game against Clemson, then now’s the time for full
scale panic. Auburn starting center Reese Dismukes was arrested last night in
Auburn for public intoxication.

He was released on $300 bond. What does it all mean? You can
almost certainly count him out for Auburn’s opener. With only one senior on the
offensive line, Dismukes absence will force line coach Jeff Grimes to become
very creative in the Georgia Dome.


  1. Wesley Bradshaw says:

    Pure and simple stupidity. I’m starting to believe there is a game where they can see who can mess up their college education and career faster.

  2. Acid Reign says:

    …..All eyes go to Tunde Fariyike. He did a pretty good job on A-day against the twos.

  3. misticwarrior13 says:

    I had such high expectations for Reese. But then, it’s not like I never got drunk my sophomore year or anything.

    I’d like to know the story. Public intoxication covers a lot of ground.

  4. Bill Sewell says:

    You can bet your bippy he will not go to Atlanta..maybe not to Starkville either. Dang, when will these kids realize when you are 300 lbs. and staggering, it is hard not to get noticed.

  5. Angela Hutchens says:

    I respect Chizik’s reaction. I’m wondering if there is more than can be done to educate these kids not to be stupid off the field prior to them doing these things…

  6. AubTigerman says:

    Disappointed, puts the first game (or two) in a different light.

  7. Jim Dugan says:

    Who do you think will fill the center spot?

    • Acid Reign says:

      …..Latest I’m hearing is John Sullen. Word from camp is that Fariyike struggles with shotgun snaps, which Loeffler ran 60 percent of the time on A-Day. I’d guess Sullen moves to center, and we have Westerman and Kozan at the guards, and Slade and Robinson at the tackles. 3 freshmen against Clemson’s D-Line. I think I’m getting an ulcer…

  8. Todd Eubanks says:

    Let’s hope Dismuke is as smart as they say he is and can learn from this…….and let’s hope Fariyike is as smart as he is supposed to be and can seize this opportunity to shine.


  9. Todd Eubanks says:

    Kevin Skarbinsky is a pot stirring tool and you know it clap your hands……

  10. ColeLoco says:

    This is a time where the Auburn family needs to stick together. It might be rough this week at work if you don’t live in Auburn, Atlanta my case, but just keep remembering that this Saturday, wherever you are, you’ll be with family to support each other. WDE and Beat Clemson!!!

  11. Michael Val Hietter says:

    Well, if Dismukes is sidelined for a few games, at least that means Coach Chizik means what he says about discipline and consequences. If we lose those games because of a weakened O-line, then this will be on Reese, not on the coaches.

    I wonder what the reaction at the West Alabama Football Factory have been if this had been one of their players.

    Michael Val
    (who thinks that these players need to learn how to be ALL IN to their responsibilities!)

    • Revan1977 Revan says:

      If it had been one of ours then he would need to miss the game. Stop all this Chizik has such moral superiority stuff. It is good that Chizik means what he says. Maybe the players will figure that out and concentrate on what is important. Also if for some reason ya’ll lose both games ( which I dont think will happen) you know people will be up in arms, center suspended or not.

  12. Acid Reign says:

    …..Scratch my ill-informed speculations. Sophomore Tunde Fariyike will start at center. Guards will be senior John Sullen, and sophomore Chad Slade. Tackles will be redshirt freshman Greg Robinson, and true freshman Avery Young. (!) So says the head man, Gene Chizik.

    • sparkey chris says:

      I expect to see a good bit of Westerman and Kozan and Diamond too. We may have freshmen mistakes, but they will be making them full speed.

      • Acid Reign says:

        …..I’m think the idea behind that line-up is to have two experienced guys, Sullen and Slade, beside the rookies. To improve communication, and so forth. I’d guess that if you’re gonna see anyone besides the starters, it would be someone rotating in at right tackle. I don’t really see anyone else coming out of the game, save for injuries or a blow-out.

        • sparkey chris says:

          I completely disagree. I think Grimes has been building a unit he can bring guys in and out throughout the game. I know about the need to gel among offensive lineman. Still, I’ve heard nothing but how both sides of the line are going to feature more than one player per spot.