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Chizik Will Do Things His Way

By on August 19th, 2012 in Uncategorized 7 Comments »

By Jay Coulter / on August 20, 2012
With kickoff less than two weeks away, Auburn’s starting
lineup is becoming more settled; at least that’s what we’re led to believe. With
practice guarded like Fort Knox, for all we know, Emory Bellard has been on
campus putting in the wishbone. Then again, I think Emory may be dead.

So is the world of Gene Chizik heading into his fourth
season. A man of few words, Chizik won’t even acknowledge the obvious – that
Kiehl Frazier is the starting quarterback. If reports are accurate, Frazier has
taken nearly all the snaps with the first team for the last two weeks.

So why wait to name a starter? The simple answer is there’s
no rush. Better to keep Dabo Sweeney guessing. Right?

Phillip Marshall, writing for Auburn Undercover yesterday, pointed out that Chizik has always
been this way when naming a quarterback.

“Quarterback-wise, we don’t have any separation. They all
did some nice things. We aren’t going to decide on who the starter is until
it’s the right time. We are going to stay on the evaluation process and when
we’re ready to do that, we will.”

If you think that quote
was from Chizik talking last week, then you are wrong. As Marshall points out,
that was Chizik speaking back on August 14th of last year, as he
discussed Auburn’s open quarterback battle.

Four days later, he
named Barrett Trotter the starter.

For all the conspiracy
theorist out there that believe true freshman Jonathan Wallace is going to
emerge in Atlanta as the starter, forget about it.

History tells us

The Auburn coaching
staff has been just as quiet discussing other parts of the depth chart. Looking
for a place to worry? Start with the offense line. It’s becoming clear that
offensive line coach Jeff Grimes will start freshmen and sophomores at four of
the five upfront positions.

What about the
seven reserves behind them? They are all freshmen and sophomores.

Looking for
something to make you feel good? Junior Nosa Eguae will not crack the starting
lineup at defensive end. Those roles will be filled by juniors Dee Ford and Corey

While Eguae won’t
officially be a starter, look for him to get almost the same number of snaps as
Ford and Lemonier.

Coaches have given
the players two days off, with everyone returning to practice Tuesday to begin
preparations for Clemson on September 1st.


  1. AubTigerman says:

    Although it can be frustrating for the fans, I’m glad Chizik plays his cards close to the vest. I think it keeps the team better focused while at the same time doesn’t give anything away to the competition.

  2. Todd Eubanks says:

    I’m with you ATM…I don’t like the fact that I can’t feed on every minute detail of AU’s practices but I like the fact that the opposition can’t either. And Congratulations guys on getting the new site up…..had to download Firefox to be able to signup and still not sure how the iphone is gonna work….if the iphone won’t work it’ll be very sparce contribution from from me as I don’t have a regular internet access at work anymore. I’m sure y’all will figure it out though…War Damn Eagle!

    • AubTigerman says:

      Thanks Todd.
      We’re working on the IPhone/Pad issue. Sorry for the inconvenience but we’ll get it solved.

  3. Acid Reign says:

    …..The commenting system doesn’t like Internet Explorer 8, either. I did some testing earlier. The assault on us old WinXP dinosaurs continues! That, I expect. Not coding for Apple products is surprising. It’s a fast-growing market…

  4. Bill Sewell says:

    Chizik could give secret lessons to the CIA. IMHO, anyone who thinks it won’t be Frazier has a short memory of the deer in headlights look Moseley had last season.

    • Jumpn' Jack Flash says:

      I think most QB’s would have had that look in their eyes playing behind our O-line last season. Hard to stay composed when you have 6 to 7 guys in the back field right after the snap, with most of them unblocked.

    • Todd Eubanks says:

      I have to agree with jumpinjackflash on this one….I think a healthy Mosely might have won the job……but unless this is the best bluff in college football history Mosely is not healthy and seemingly does not stand a chance.