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Foster Gets Last Laugh

By on August 14th, 2012 in Uncategorized 9 Comments »

By Jay Coulter / on August 13, 2012

Atlanta Journal
r Michael Carvell was the toast of Tuscaloosa Monday –
for about three hours.

Then it all came falling down.

After reporting earlier in the day that Auburn 5-star
commitment Reuben Foster was the subject of an NCAA investigation because of
his transfer from Troop High School in Georgia to Auburn High School, Auburn quickly called
b******t on the story and pointed out that it was the Alabama High School
Athletic Association doing a routine interview with Foster and his parents.
tweeted this afternoon that Carvell appeared on an Atlanta radio station today
and openly joked about the Auburn program. Tonight, he’s the butt of the joke.

Many are theorizing that the source of all these negative
Auburn recruiting stories is originating from Tuscaloosa. While there’s no
proof yet, you certainly have to wonder.

I would suggest that snooping reporters take a drive through
the parking lot of Bryant Hall and do a story on how those Alabama players
afford those cars they drive. Now that may actually be a real story.


  1. Michael Burtyk says:

    Just another hatchet job. Can you not see where this originates? Throw enough stones….

  2. Revan1977 Revan says:

    Is there no such thing as a real journalist anymore. How do these sites and papers not make these people check their facts before going to print.

    Also so nobody on the Auburn football team has nice cars? Dont give me all that crap you know better.

    • Brad Brannon says:

      Cam Newton’s moped begs to differ.

      • Jamie Keller says:

        Nice try, but $cam had a suspended license while playing at *ubarn. I’m sure you could’ve misled some unsuspecting fan, though, Brad. Nice to know he still had money to buy his GF ridiculously expensive jewelry that no other college player could afford and money to go to Vegas and gamble away after the BCSNCG.

        Nice to see the little brother syndrome in display here. Let’s blame our problems on big brother. Is that mentioned in the AU creed? Thankfully not all AU fans are as silly as Jay is.

        BTW, Twitter and Facebook is your friend, Revan. You’ll notice almost EVERY *ubarn player has photos posted of their shiny new vehicles… like Darren Bates’ Hummer (ironic that his poor father owns one as well); Jermaine Whitehead’s Comaro; Corey Lemonier’s Corvette; Kenneth Carter’s Suburban AND Dakota; Jovon Robinson’s new ride; Phillip Pierre Louise’s Lexus (owned it while playing at *U); and Dakota Mosely’s Chrsyler 300; etc. What do all these players have in common, besides flashy new rides and they play for *U? They mysteriously received these around signing day.

        But the scandal doesn’t end there… then there’s JacQay Williams being treated to $100 steaks (and uploading photos of himself holding a few hundred dollars above the caption "Thank You"); Pat Dye’s daughter, Tim Hudson’s wife and Charles Barkley admitting $cam Lootin’ was paid at *U; recruits PHOTOGRAPHED AT PARTIES WITH TIGERETTE HOSTESSES; players uploading photos of themselves flaunting thousands of dollars worth of cash; *U players given VIP treatment at an ATL club after buying the SECC in 2010; etc.; etc.; etc.

        Yeah, Jay, nothing to see here. Nothing at all. IT’Z ALL BIG BRUDDERZ FAULT!!!1 IF WE DIDN’T CHEAT, WE WOULDNT BE ABLE TO COMPETE WID THEM!!! lol… How pathetic.

        • sparkey chris says:

          On an Auburn site talking about Auburn and you’re anti-Auburn. Actually, the only pathetic one I see if you Keller. You are quite ridiculous and pathetic. Ask ole Julio how his nice new ride was the very day is LOI got to Tuscaloosa. Alabama cheats more than any school in the country. Mr. Hightower’s brand new Tundra the day his LOI got to Tuscaloosa is mighty convenient.

          Let’s talk about that nice beach front property Julio’s mom got when he went on to play for UA as well. Your blind eye to the Capstone’s tricks is what is truly pathetic. Go play in traffic now little girl.

        • Brad Brannon says:

          Wow. That was a lot of time spent not caring about Auburn. The only thing more pathetic than that would be if UA students went around and vandalized their own campus trying to blame it on Auburn. Too bad that has never happened.

  3. Acid Reign says:

    &nbsp &nbsp I know in Jefferson County, bigger suburban high schools DO recruit, and good players move and transfer, sometimes funded by boosters of the new school. However, that’s not covered or investigated by the NCAA.

  4. Acid Reign says:

    Please excuse my code bugs. Still playing with this site!

  5. P.W. Elder says:

    For the most part, real journalism has been dead for several years now.