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Auburn Fans Named the Most Loyal in College Football

By on January 26th, 2013 in Football, News 6 Comments »

  Thousands of Auburn fans line Donahue Drive to cheer on their team before each Auburn
  home football game.

Here’s a bit of news that doesn’t surprise any of the Auburn family. Matt Scalici of sited a Rasmssen survey in his Friday piece that proclaims Auburn fans as the most loyal in the country. Scalici says that, “Even after one of the roughest seasons in recent history, Auburn fans are picking up accolades for their loyalty to the Tigers. Discover Card released the results of a survey on Thursday aimed at determining the most loyal college football fanbase in the nation with Auburn winning the No. 1 spot in the rankings.

According to the release, the survey was conducted by pollsters from Rasmussen Reports over14 weeks during the college football season and measured four factors to determine fan loyalty ….”

Read more of the article here.


  1. bornatiger says:

    Wde u know it tiger till I die win or lose

  2. mvhcpa says:

    You know, this story goes along with what I felt about the AU family during the whole debacle last year. We were NOT a disloyal or divided fan base last year–we were all united (at least pretty much) that a) Auburn was stinking up the field and b) more than likely, CGC was to blame, directly or indirectly. I never saw anyone rip an AU sticker or magnet off their car solely because of the performance on the field (and I have seen plenty of Bammers do just that) and whatever bad-mouthing of the AU team seemed to me to just be acknowledging what was going on in front of our eyes.

    During the coaching search, we were NOT divided just because we preferred certain candidates over others. Most everyone I have talked to (with the exception of one fan) are fully on the Gus Bus and are looking forward to a rebuilding process that will put a true AUBURN team on the field–hard-hitting, leave-everything-on-the-field, proud even in defeat (and there will probably be more defeats than we like for a little while).

    About the only thing I was upset about was the guff from SOME (not all, or even many) of the Petrino-backers–the mocking of the Auburn Creed and its invocation by the anti-Petrino side from one or two of the pro-Petrino folks got me VERY annoyed. That was the only division that I felt at all, and to tell you the truth, the folks who took the win-at-all-costs attitude cut themselves off from the real Auburn community.

    Michael Val
    (who apologizes for not putting out an article in a while–I hope I am still on the authors’ list!)

  3. War Eagle Girl War Eagle Girl says:

    Nothing we didn’t already know! Our love of Auburn University runs much deeper than a football team. No way to explain it ~ just the Auburn Spirit. It seems you either get it or you don’t and it can’t be bought. Doesn’t mean we are not all different ~ that’s what a family looks like. We disagree and we argue but in the end we all come together to support the thing we love most ~ Auburn. #WDE

  4. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Absolutely no news here. It takes special people to love Auburn. It’s advanced fandom. Hell, any one can say roll tide, but only a select few can say war eagle and mean it.

    Like someone said… it’s till i die.

    War Damn Eagle!

  5. MyAuburn myauburn says:

    Ditto to the above two comments. Unless you are an AU man/woman you just don’t understand the feeling.

  6. […] not surprising. A recent survey recognized Auburn for having the most loyal fans in the nation. What is surprising is the lack of W’s. The double OT loss in Fayetteville seemed to zap all the […]