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With Canty Gone, Will the Tigers Fold?

By on February 14th, 2016 in Basketball 3 Comments »

untitledBefore we delve into the train wreck that has become Auburn basketball’s season, let me first say how awesome a wife I have. She was the first to let me know about the Canty news.

Canty decided to forego his senior season at Auburn and enter the NBA draft. A surprise? Certainly. But the overlooked aspect of his decision relates  to how things happened, not just the decision. Sure, it’s easy to say we believe he should finish his education or better his draft stock by staying. But, it isn’t always that simple. It would appear that this situation may even be more complex than any of us really understand. 

Canty let the news out on Instagram that he was leaving. “I wanna thank Auburn university for everything you guys done for me and letting me pursue my degree here and play the game I love at one of the highest level,” Canty wrote. “Unfortunately life is like a battery you gotta have your positives and negatives…..I decided to forgo my senior season and enter the NBA Draft and part ways from auburn university….I can’t thank coach Pearl and his staff enough for taking me in and embracing me I love coach Pearl like a father figure best coach in the Land……Very soon it’ll be a new king of the jungle hitting his wrist letting ya know what time it is lol ….only the strong survive so again Auburn and coach Pearl and the staff thank you guys for everything……God Got me #AllGlorytoGod #WarDamEagle”

But the story starts well before his series of posts on social media. The standout guard, who was a leading scorer in the SEC at the midpoint of the season, was suspended from the team just days before the news broke.  Coincidence? Perhaps. Suspension is nothing new to Bruce Pearl’s squad. Neither is injury. Nor ineligibility.

So, Auburn’s  up and down season where it dropped Kentucky and Alabama in back to back games followed by six straight losses may have come to an absolute grinding halt this past week. The losses weren’t even close, and the future is not looking any better. 

While many reporters are circling the news that an altercation between an Auburn staff member and Canty led to the suspension, it would appear that the trouble truly began weeks before. After the Alabama win, Canty went an abysmal 5 – 35 from three-point land over the next four games, scoring just 35 points. Even on TV, his change in attitude was apparent, though he wasn’t the only player showing frustration. Senior Cinmeon Bowers was suspended and listed as having an “attitude detrimental to the team.”

Regardless of the reason, Canty is gone and with him almost any chance of Auburn winning any remaining games on the schedule. The Tigers who looked to tie, and perhaps better, last year’s SEC record of four wins will actually regress, unless they can somehow pull out a win against Mississippi State.  The question is, will they fight for it or just pack it in? 

Without Canty and other injured Tigers, Auburn has been blown out in the first half of every single game since a dreadful loss against Florida. The injuries are just as important as Canty’s dismissal. Of the current starting five for the Tigers, only Harris MIGHT start for any other SEC team, and that isn’t saying much. 

This team is without any firepower to compete, and the players know it. It would seem that Auburn has shut it down for the season. 

While that is hard for a fan base that desperately wants to win and has embraced basketball faster than anyone imagined, perhaps it is a good thing. The injuries and suspensions are allowing Auburn to grow depth with younger, albeit less skilled, players. This should greatly benefit the team in the future.

A lackluster season that will end in complete disarray may actually serve Tiger fans better than finishing above .500 and having a solid showing in the SEC tournament. That result may cement Pearl a little longer at Auburn and keep Memphis from calling, as many predict they will.

In the meantime, watching Auburn basketball is hard, especially watching a team that has seemingly called it quits for 2016. Take heart and keep the faith as exposing these younger players will be a good thing. 


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