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Auburn Squashes Arkansas! (Grading Auburn vs. Arkansas)

By on September 23rd, 2018 in Football 2 Comments »

Having the angle on Igbinoghene did not matter!

     War Eagle everybody! It’s time now for the Acid Reign Report on Auburn’s bruising 34–3 win over the Arkansas Razorbacks. Offensively, it was not a thing of beauty, but Auburn used opportunistic special teams plays and bone-jarring defense to carry the day and cover the ridiculous 30-point spread in this one. We are now officially into fall, and Auburn is sitting at 3–1 on the season, about where most pundits had prognosticated.

     It was a curious week from the officials. Against Washington and LSU, Auburn played tight coverage on the outside and picked up 6 pass interference penalties, several of them costly. I’m guessing Auburn privately complained to the SEC office, particularly regarding phantom calls. It’s one thing for an official to call what he sees. It’s quite another to call a penalty, just guessing. As a result, in this game, no pass interference penalties were called on either defense, despite more hand fighting, pushing and, in one case, Auburn’s Anthony Schwartz being pulled down by the shoulder pad with the ball in the air. Arkansas tried to float it up to the sideline, and with the handcuffs off the Auburn secondary, it did not go so well for the Razorbacks.

     During the game, it was frustrating to see Arkansas pick up a few first downs on 3rd and 4th down early in the game. These opportunities faded as the game went on. I and others bemoaned a lack of a pass rush during the game, but a rewatch reveals otherwise. Arkansas quarterback Ty Storey took a beating. Credit to the guy,when pressured he managed to dump the ball off into the dirt most of the time. Still, 13 completions out of 32 passing plays resulted in Arkansas not getting into the end zone. About the only defensive quibble I can come up with is that there were about 3 long runs given up that set up Arkansas for scoring opportunities. In particular, there was a 45-yard sweep early in the 3rd by Rakeem Boyd where Auburn was caught seriously out of position on the edge. Still, Auburn slammed the door in the red zone, and Arkansas was never a serious threat to score a touchdown.

     Folks, the offensive line regressed this week. I hated to see that. What Auburn likes to do in the running game is pull guards and get a blocking advantage on the edge. When you pull guards, you leave a defensive lineman unblocked. Hopefully the play design leaves that lineman chasing air. For that to happen, the center and the tackles MUST neutralize their linemen. That did not happen very often in this game. Auburn running backs were often caught from behind by the unblocked guy because there was nowhere to go with defensive linemen in the backfield.

     Auburn seriously missed the usual contributions by departed receivers Nate Craig-Myers and Jalen Harris. As a result, overall team blocking ability went down, and plays that used to work well were blown up. I really can’t blame either guy for leaving as they were rarely targeted in the passing game.

     Auburn had a fantastic day on special teams with 2 long punt returns, a kick return for a touchdown, and a couple of blocked punts. I can’t be too upset with a couple of field goal misses from 50+ yards away. If you’re having to try kicks like that, it means that the offense is falling down on the job.

Unit grades after the jump!


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College Football TV Broadcast Schedule for Saturday 9–22–18

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It’s Time for Tailgatin’

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This is a "small" setup for us...

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Track’Em Tigers TV—Episode 3

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Coach Ron Nelson gives his take on the LSU game. And, we also take a look ahead to Saturday and Arkansas in this episode of TET TV.

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Welcome to College Football Free Agency

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Two more athletes have decided to leave the Auburn football program. Frankly, this writer is not surprised. This is exactly what I expected to happen when the NCAA instituted a new transfer rule last summer.Auburn receiver Nate Craig-Myers and his brother, defensive back Jayvaughn Myers, announced today they would be leaving the... Read Full Story

Smoked Hog Week

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A Miserable Day on the Plains

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The Auburn faithful watched a pivotal SEC game be taken from them by league officials. What did they see that clearly no one else did? Still the Tigers should have never been in a situation to allow an inept official determine the winner. Like many contests in this series, this one will take awhile to get over. But the sky is not falling today. This team still has everything to play for moving forward.

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Auburn Stunned by LSU (Grading Auburn vs. LSU)

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Titanic Tigers Tilt! (Auburn vs. LSU Open Thread)

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College Football TV Broadcast Schedule for Saturday 9–15–18

By on September 14th, 2018 in Football, News Comment »

We’ve listed below the TV lineup for the rest of Saturday’s college football games. However, in light of the storm there could be some changes to the schedule. But this is the latest info we have as we go to print.

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Track’Em Tigers TV Episode 2

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Join Jay Coulter and coach Ron Nelson as they preview Auburn vs. LSU.

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A Serious Challenge Ahead

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Time to Tell the Story of How LSU Fans Became Corn Dogs

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Tiger-Eye Review—Fearful Symmetry Edition

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TET College Football Pick’Em Results—WEEK 2

By on September 11th, 2018 in Football, News 3 Comments »

Good evening Auburn family and Auburn friends! IT IS STILL NOT TOO LATE to enter the contest. We eliminate the lowest TWO SCORES, so if you sign up now you can start with a clean slate! CLICK HERE for instructions on how to sign up. The Golden Bo Trophy awaits!

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Upon Further Review: May The Schwartz Be With You

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First, if you don't get the reference in the title of this article, we can't be friends anymore.Last week, 13 of Auburn's freshmen played against one of the best teams in America. Many of them accumulated not only meaningful plays but etched their names in the record books with real contributions. Seth Williams opened the game a... Read Full Story

Auburn Shooting is a Warning to City Officials

By on September 10th, 2018 in Football, News 29 Comments »

Just a few years ago, it would be unfathomable to think of any part of Auburn’s campus or surrounding area as unsafe. It’s now up to Auburn city and campus officials to take back that part of campus where things have gone from bad to worse. Downtown needs to be a place for Auburn students and their friends. All others need to be shown to the city limits.

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